Our Work


Established in 2008, IAL started with modest objectives of providing baseline training for adult educators and undertaking research in adult learning. Since its establishment, IAL has grown to be at the forefront of building capabilities and continuing professional development for an effective, innovative and responsive Training & Adult Education (TAE) sector. Since April 2019, IAL has become an autonomous institute of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). The partnership further strengthens the quality of the Continuing Education Training (CET) landscape in Singapore through synergistic collaborations and shared expertise in programme development, research and industry practice.

At IAL, we seek to inspire our community to excel in their calling, enhance their capabilities and nurture a TAE Community that is dynamic and innovative. Through practice based research work, IAL leads the way in developing evidence-informed CET and best practices. Our research informs and inspires thought leadership and shapes national CET policies.

With our programmes, initiatives and consulting services, we advocate new paradigms in learning by sustaining capability building and offering business solutions to enhance workforce capabilities. IAL also advocates and enables learning innovation to bring adult learning to greater heights in this technological age.