WDARF Grant Call 2017 Results


The inaugural WDARF Grant Call was launched in 2017 and six projects were selected for funding support. These projects were selected on the basis of technical merit, expertise of the research team and its potential impact and contribution to Singapore's workforce development and lifelong learning. 



Leveraging Leadership to Sustain the Dynamic Professional Development and Identities of Preschool Teachers: The Case for Knowledge Building Community 


Professor David Hung, National Institute of Education (NIE) at the Nanyang Technological University

The research seeks to create a sustainable professional development (PD) model that embeds the design of collaboration, ownership of learning, and leadership into the professional development experiences of preschool teachers.  Building upon a Knowledge Building Community (KBC) could potentially support an informal, organically-evolving and self-sustaining network for professional development, while addressing the lack of sustained professional practices. The study hopes to address preschool teachers’ epistemic beliefs (i.e. beliefs about the ways in which people learn, the assumptions that learners hold about the nature of knowledge, and the process of knowledge acquisition) through the KBC which integrates ICT learning. 



Understanding and Promoting Work Skill Learning Among Lower-Income Employees


Associate Professor Mark Pitesa, Singapore Management University

The research seeks to understand how the learning of new work skills can be promoted amongst lower-income workers. It will also test novel, cost-effective, and scalable interventions that can help lower-income workers learn new work skills. The designed interventions will be implemented in local organisations through a randomised controlled trial to reveal which approaches produce the most benefit for low-income workers and their organisations. 



Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Systems for the Elderly in Singapore 


Associate Professor Jung Younbo, Nanyang Technological University

The project aims to address emerging challenges in an aging society by examining the effectiveness of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) learning programmes for elderly Singaporeans on building their confidence in living independently with dignity and respect. For instance, the newly developed learning programmes may help the elderly pick up new skills that are essential to live in a smart nation and applicable to find appropriate jobs to meet their physical and financial needs. The initial findings will help implement the project in real-life settings, in cooperation with government and welfare organisations so as to benefit the elderly, paving the way towards active ageing. 



Aligning the Polytechnic Provision of CET with SkillsFuture: Meeting Learners' and Employers' Needs


Professor Stephen Billett (Griffith University) and Dr Anthony Leow, Republic Polytechnic

Against the backdrop of the SkillsFuture national movement to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning, the research seeks to identify and address gaps in existing educational provisions and capacities of teachers in the post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs) for employability-related continuing education and training (CET) across the Singaporean workforce. It also investigates CET educators’ viewpoints and their teaching practices by examining (i) their perspectives regarding the facilitators and barriers to CET teaching and learning, and (ii) how their professional development in the CET terrain can be realised. By investigating the CET experience from aspects of both students and CET educators in the teaching-learning partnership, the study can potentially illuminate the personal, professional and organisational dimensions of the CET experience.


A Blended Learning Course through Academic Practice Partnership to Enhance Workplace Clinical Teaching and Learning


Associate Professor Liaw Sok Ying, Alice Lee Centre of Nursing Studies at the National University of Singapore

The research seeks to inform professional development of clinical nurses who are critical in facilitating nursing students’ learning at work in the clinical setting. The study will explore the experiences of clinical nurses and academic educators in supporting workplace clinical teaching and learning, and examine the effects of a blended learning course to enhance workplace clinical teaching and learning. The outcomes can therefore contribute to developing a successful partnership model of best practices between healthcare workplace and academic institutions.


Course Suggestion for Career Planning: Evaluating Strategies to Support Lifelong Learning. A Pilot on Using Analytics to Recommend SkillsFuture Credit Courses


Professor Robert Kamei and Dr Kan Min-Yen, Institute for the Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology (ALSET) at the National University of Singapore

The aim of this study is to create a recommender system that can help Singaporeans find, select and complete CET programmes that are suited to both their personal strengths and the needs of the broader Singapore economy. It uses both recent artifical intelligence and data mining techniques as well as behavourial science to better understand how and why people pursue opportunities for lifelong learning. The pilot will test and evaluate the quality of its recommendations.