WDARF Grant Call 2018 Results


Four projects from the WDARF Grant Call 2018 were selected for funding support. These projects were selected on the basis of technical merit, expertise of the research team and its potential impact and contribution to Singapore's workforce development and lifelong learning. 



Mastery in the Digital Age: Accelerating Effective Skills Development Through Social Learning and Workplace Environment Prototyping

Mr Poon King Wang, Singapore University of Technology and Design

This study examines what mastery means given the digital disruption and transformation of work through the lens of craftsmanship in the Energy & Chemical and Precision Engineering sectors. It focuses on both accelerating and deepening skills development, with particular emphasis on the role of social learning and workplace learning environments. This is achieved through an ethnographic study, including observations and interviews, of how digital technology impacts the work of technicians in both sectors, how this influences their sense of mastery and, subsequently, how social learning contributes to develop the skills necessary to thrive in digital working environments.



Establishing Work Readiness Benchmarks and Standards to Ensure Singapore International Competitiveness

Professor Remus Illes, National University of Singapore

The objective of this study is to inform individuals, training organisations, and employers on what essential skills are required for success, and thus build, select, and promote work ready and likely successful individuals. Leveraging the Education and Skills Online (ESOL), an online computer adaptive programme that administers, scores and report adult competencies in cognitive skills, these essential skills will be benchmarked across a range of jobs within selected career clusters that are key to Singapore’s economic growth.



Work, Well-being, and Resilience: Understanding Singapore’s Mature Workforce

Associate Professor Kang Soon Hock, Singapore University of Social Sciences

This project seeks to investigate the factors that influence work-related decisions, lifelong learning decisions and activities, and the well-being of mature workers aged between 45 and 75. The outcomes include developing a corporate model in matching work motivators of the matured worker to the corporate structure that will enable the former to perform their jobs and maintain their employability, and as a resource to the policy agenda on the integration and retention of mature workers in the Singapore workforce.



Regulatory Focus and SSG Career Development Course Use: A Brief Online Intervention

Assistant Professor Jia Lile, Institute for the Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology (ALSET) at the National University of Singapore

This project aims to enhance the impact and effectiveness of available career development resources and predict more accurately how individual citizens’ motivational styles predispose them to preferring certain kinds of resources over others. It will support the development of scalable online technologies that can help Singaporeans find, select, and benefit from SSG career development programmes and resources.