Development of a CET Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Conducted from 2010 - 2011


Professor Andrew Brown, Director of Research Division
Institute for Adult Learning

Rebecca Ye, Research Officer

Institute for Adult Learning


What is the question?

How can we measure, monitor and understand the impact of CET? 



Why is it important?

The Singapore government is making unprecedented investment in CET. This project addresses the need to identify the outcomes of CET and evaluate the impact of this investment at every level, from individual to national. This cannot be achieved by one single study, but needs a co-ordinated programme of monitoring and evaluation research. 


How is the research being done?

There are six stages in the process of developing the framework:

  1. Review of evaluation studies, approaches and models
  2. Audit of data collected on CET inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes
  3. Analysis of CET impact measure requirements of key stakeholders
  4. Proposal for a CET Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  5. Dissemination and identification of implications for IAL, WDA and key stakeholders
  6. Development of an action plan for IAL’s particular evaluation programme

Ultimately, the framework, with its underlying approach, is offered as one possibility for the development of a system which can both answer high level questions regarding the impact of CET and give us a clearer understanding of training outcomes in different sectors and settings, and thus enable us to design better programmes and implement them more effectively. 


How are we progressing?

An interim report has been produced and is being discussed with stakeholders. The IAL is developing its outcomes-based monitoring and evaluation processes. The final report will be produced in June 2011.

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