Research Publications

  • Quality of Adult Learners’ Sense-making and Its Implications for Design and Delivery of Blended Learning

    Dr Bi Xiaofang and Dr Helen Bound

    This research note provides a specific example of design of blended learning that leads to limited opportunities for learners’ sense-making and an example that affords many opportunities for learners’ sense-making. Opportunities for learners’ sense-making in blended learning is critical in enabling learners to put their knowledge to work (applying theory to practice), and in the process, building capability in meeting unexpected challenges and to keep learning beyond a course.

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  • Training, Skills and Skills Utilisation

    Prof Francis Green, Prof Andy Green, Dr Golo Henseke, Dr Neil Kaye and Dr Hao Phan

    This is a collaborative research piece between IAL and UCL Institute of Education’s LLAKES and CGHE research centres. The first objective of this collaboration is to assess the current state of the Singaporean graduate labour market through the lens of graduate jobs and provide important intelligence on demand trends in times of continued expansion of higher education and changing demand patterns brought on by technological change and increased competition on globalised markets.

    The second objective is to draw on the OECD PISA and PIAAC data to explore the variation across countries, and in particular Singapore, in changes to levels and distributions of core skills (Literacy, Numeracy and Problem-Solving) between age 15 and early adulthood, through the stage of upper-secondary education and training.

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  • The Adult Learners’ Perception of Online Learning Due to COVID 19

    Sheng Yee Zher, Tan Bao Zhen, Siti Nur Sabrina Binte Hardy and Dr Helen Bound

    This is a mixed methods study conducted from September 2020 to February 2021. It aims to investigate Singapore adult learners’ experiences with transitioning to full online learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Research Note
  • Exploratory Study of Analytics-based Technologies Used for Corporate Learning and Development

    Jomel Wei Xuan Ng, Oleksandra Poquet

    This report focuses on trends and developments in the use of analytics-based technologies used in the corporate sector for learning and development. We describe the tools in relation to their function at the enterprise, the types of analytics they deploy, their intended users and types of feedback they envision for stakeholders.

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  • COVID-19 Educator Survey

    Dr Chen Zan

    COVID-19 is leaving an indelible mark on the way we work and learn, creating an urgent need to understand its impact on higher education and adult learning. To capture educators’ perspectives on moving all learning, teaching, assessment and training-related work online in higher education and adult learning, IAL and the University of Bristol (UoB) jointly conducted the COVID-19 Educator Online Survey in Singapore during May and June 2020. A total of 1553 adult educators from institutes of higher education including autonomous universities, polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education, as well as private educational institutions, adult training and lifelong learning training organisations and enterprise in-house training units participated in this survey. The following reports present key findings from the survey.

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