IAL Excellence in Career Practice Webinar Series

IAL is pleased to introduce you to IAL Excellence in Career Practice Webinar Series that aims to provide career advisory practitioners and others interested in this field with resources that can help them develop and reinforce best practices in career services delivery. View the webinars below:

  • Webinar 4: Holistic Person-Centred Career Services on 25 Aug 2021

    Presenter: Mr Gerald Tan, Avodah People Solution

    In these unprecedented times, work is affecting many individuals in various ways ranging from issues with mental wellness arising from work and life boundaries, insecurities and anxieties about uncertain work and truncated professional lives due to voluntary and involuntary unemployment. The provision of career services serves an important function in addressing these career situations. 

    Beyond facilitating job placements and transitions, career services support the development of the individual's vocational identity, and address life and work related concerns. This webinar presents an understanding of holistic person-centred career services in a private career services delivery setting. 

    Critical areas of a holistic intervention programme cover: 

    • Identifying client challenges for clarity of clients' strengths and obstacles from past experiences in defining the service contract.

    • Designing appropriate services with outcomes to manage expectations, facilitate tracking and eventual service termination.

    • Monitoring and adjusting intervention approaches as client needs and concerns valve and change over time.

    • Developing mastery of professional skills, accountability, and ethical knowledge for career practitioners in a conducive and safe environment.

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  • Webinar 3: Successful Career Interventions for Mid-Career Transitions in a Pandemic on 18 August 2021

    Presenter: Mr Jeremiah Wong, Workforce Singapore

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about severe disruptions to large numbers of workers and professionals who may suddenly become unemployed or furloughed. 

    In this webinar, Mr Jeremiah Wong, a Career Practitioner and Capability Developer in Workforce Singapore, will share how career intervention successfully helped and supported a professional in his mid-40s who spent his entire working life in the aviation industry, through a journey of career rediscovery and re-employment. 

    The presentation will cover informed career practice and tools established in career theories such as Career Construction Theory in helping the reconstruction of new career identity and hope; the Strength-based approach in generating new personal career contents and training options for new identity; the CIP Model for career decision-making and job search; as well as pre- and post­measurements via the evidence-based Career Adapt­Abilities Scale (CAAS). 

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  • Webinar 2: 8 Habits of a Successful Career Counsellor: What Works in the Volatile Labour Marketplace on 26 June 2020

    Presenter: Professor James Sampson, IAL Visiting Fellow

    Four decades of research have shown that counsellors need to focus on 8 critical habits of career interventions to best serve their clients. This webinar examines these critical habits 

    • Support

    • Assessment

    • Information

    • Psychoeducation (or decision-making learning)

    • Writing

    • Modelling

    • Dosage and

    • Intervention fidelity

    and their continuing relevance and role in career practice in a volatile labour marketplace. 

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  • Webinar 1: Succesful Use of ICT and Social Media in Career Advisory Services on 12 June 2020

    Presenter: Professor James Sampson, IAL Visiting Fellow

    Career practitioners have played a key role in helping individuals make the best use of information and communication technology (ICT) in their career explorations and decision making.Examples include career and employment information, job matching, and I CT-based career assessments. 

    Changes in technology such as social media and their uses mean that practitioner roles cannot remain static but must evolve with the times. In this regard, which practitioner roles remain relevant today? Which roles need to adapt or change? How do practitioners make the best use of ICT and social media effectively in career advisory services? 

    This webinar looks at the potential benefits and limitations in usinglCTincareerinterventions,anddiscusseshowpractitioners can effectively use !CT as part of their repertoire of tools. Topics covered include: 

    • social media and its role in facilitating interactions between clients and practitioners

    • career information in a social media context

    • the evolving role of the practitioner related to social media

    • emerging practitioner competencies related to social media and

    • practitioner strategies for social media participation with clients.


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