Chiang Wen-Wei

Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation)

Professional Highlights:

Chiang Wen-Wei specialises in Leadership, EQ, Team Development, Facilitation, as well as Coaching and Mentoring

Chiang Wen-Wei has been an independent coach and trainer, keynote speaker and consultant since 1997. He has trained and coached at global consulting organisations like Korn Ferry, and also trained and assessed professional coaches.


He specialises in the Human Dimension of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Team Development, and Coaching and Mentoring for the Manager. He brings passion to his clients to develop self-awareness as a foundation for personal management and growth, enhances leadership presence, and manages dynamics for team synergy and communications.


Wen-Wei was involved in talent development, applicant assessment, facilitation of vision, mission and values, and culture management.