Chin Cheng Siong (Dr)

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)

Professional Highlights:

Cheng Siong specialises in AI systems modelling and design at IHL and industry

Cheng Siong, an Associate Professor at Newcastle University in Singapore, is an expert in intelligent systems modelling and design. He was a Lecturer in Mechatronics Engineering at Temasek Polytechnic. He worked in Seagate Singapore Design Centre for years before moving into academia. He has received multiple research grants on topics related to intelligent systems design and simulation.


He received the M.Sc. in Advanced Control and Systems from The University of Manchester in 2001 and the NTU's PhD in 2009. He is a Fellow of the FEA (UK). He gave an invited speech on “Understanding The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Education” at 2ⁿᵈ Digital Campus And Blended Learning Transformation Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore, 2019.