Daniel Siew Hoi Kok (Dr)

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)

+65 92766559

Professional Highlights:

Dr Daniel specialises in authentic learning, leadership and organisational development

Daniel is a Senior Lecturer in the Leadership, Mgt & Org Div of NBS-NTU.


He is passionate in helping students and leaders become better at leading themselves, their teams and organisation. Through customised approaches, the students and leaders he had trained have gained personal mastery while becoming more authentic leaders at building teams and transforming their organisations. He has delivered effective professional and leadership development programmes and interventions to various levels of organisational leaders. He has also facilitated and partnered numerous management teams to achieve their desired organisational outcomes.


Daniel holds a NIE PhD, US NPS MSc, NBS MBA, SIM GDHRM and CSC GD in Org Learning. He is SDAF and ACTA certified.