Professional Highlights:

Dr Casey Ho specialises in People and Organisational Development

With his extensive industrial experience, Dr Casey Ho is a result driven consultant, expert course writer and engaging facilitator, who forges partnerships by truly understanding clients’ needs and adopts a hands-on approach to aid the realisation of their goals.


As an educator with IAL since 2009, he has facilitated WTP, ACTA, DACE, PSDM, Executive & Situational Coaching, Power of Change, Strategic Planning, Supply Improvement Process, Leader’s Development, etc. and is a key contributor in assisting enterprises with the designing curriculum and attaining ATO/COJTC status. 


He is the author of a published study that uses Maslach Burnout Inventory-Educator Survey to assess burnout, and is a mentor to undergraduates. He is bilingual and holds a doctorate from the University of South Australia.