Michael Choy Seng Kim (Dr)

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)

+65 93823250

Professional Highlights:

Dr Michael Choy is the Director of Tech Tree, a global learning innovator and a conference speaker

Spanning over 2 decades, Dr Michael Choy started his career in education as a trained psychologist addressing the learning needs of children (e.g. dyslexia and ADHD). As part of his work in the MOE, Singapore, and subsequently, through his own consultancy company, he trained more than 7,000 teachers in Singapore, ASEAN and China over 10 years. His proprietary learning and teaching styles programme was used across 40 schools to train more than 45,000 students over 12 years. He later joined the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) to train, assess and develop programmes for adult educators. He was instrumental in the development of IAL’s Massive Open Online Courses. After leaving IAL, he worked with MNCs (e.g. SIA, Caterpillar, Lazada, FujiXerox), government agencies (e.g. SSG, SportSG, NCSS), educational institutions (e.g. SIM, TP, ITE) and SMEs (e.g. Shalom Movers, Seraph Corp) to drive tech-enabled learning. Michael also represented Udemy, the global marketplace, in Singapore to liaise with government bodies since 2015. He was involved in 3 award-winning teams, garnering the InnovPlus Flame awards over 3 years (2017, 2018 and 2019) - driving chatbots for learning, Kinetic Coach and other learning innovations in the CET space. As the CEO of Tech Tree, Michael continues to helm his team to develop innovative e-learning programmes for training organisations and enterprises within the local and regional CET sectors. 

Besides e-design work, Michael has spoken at more than 50 conferences across Asia, including Asian Development Bank forum in Manila, Adult Learning Symposium in Singapore and Learning Style Conference in Bali among others. Finally, Michael contributes to the education scene as a volunteer at a local primary school advisory committee and is in the process of working with UNESCO and government bodies to provide free chatbots for learning to children in developing countries.