Jessica Dang

Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation)

Professional Highlights:

Jessica specialises in Workplace Learning, eLearning and Executive & Team Coaching

Jessica builds bestselling learning organizations & programs. She was instrumental in building the largest ‘hands-on’ education, personal growth & educational outreach companies in Asia.


She designs effective & entertaining learning experiences, blended & elearning programs. Jessica also develops outreach programs. She brings her super fun learning delivery to her popular workshops.


Jessica wrote columns in a leading newspaper, a popular parenting magazine & a respected HR journal. Her ‘Microlearning’ course has been downloaded thousands of times. Over 350 000 people have attended her programs.


Jessica completed her CWLS, DACE & ACTA. She is an IAL Adjunct & Centre for Learning & Performance Associate. She is also a certified Executive & Team Coach.