Jessie Lee

Associate Adult Educator

Professional Highlights:

Jessie Lee specialises in HR & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance and Engineering

Jessie’s forte is in building stakeholders’ relationships, as well as market development and penetration throughout the Asia Pacific region. She managed a large team of direct and indirect reports in Supply Chain & Operations, HR & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance and Engineering. Jessie drives results through innovations, process re-engineering, systems review and leveraging on technology in the fast-paced and competitive environment. She has 25 years of successful track record and experience in executive management.


In 2004, she received the Family Friendly Award and in 2007, she received full membership status of Singapore Institute of Directors. In 2009, she received the award of Most Promising Entrepreneurship in Asia Pacific Region and in 2010, she received the full member status of Who’s Who International.


Jessie is also an adjunct lecturer, module leader, course developer and supervisor of MBA thesis in various UK & Australia partner Universities of SIM GE and MDIS.