Jolly Tan

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)

Professional Highlights:

Jolly Tan specialises in Career Development, Learning and Development, Service Quality and Productivity Improvement

Jolly Tan is involved in classroom and process facilitation, course development, consulting, coaching, mentoring, CA & CIR audits. He has facilitated workshops in productivity improvement, pedagogical skills (train-the-trainer), methods of instruction, career coaching, workplace/employability skills, service excellence, community & social services, and online marketing. He has worked in the Manufacturing, Engineering, F&B, Financial and Education industries. Jolly has also done regional projects with ITEES & MFA to facilitate pedagogical skills programmes. 

Jolly holds a Master of Training and Development (Griffith University), and is DACE and ACTA certified. He is a SkillsFuture Mentor, certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF-SG) and EQi2.0/EQi360 coach.