Jonathan Lee Kuo Chiang

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)

Professional Highlights:

Jonathan Lee specialises in Business Strategies, Skills Activation, and Business Performance and Skills Mobility for PMET

Jonathan Lee is a performance champion of future skills for more than 25 years in Business, People and Skills Development. In early 1990s, he was the first PSA webmaster when Internet ecommerce was emerging.


He received multiple awards (Productivity & Quality, Innovation, Teamwork) from Temasek Polytechnic for pioneering blended problem-based and e-learning. He has served MNCs and SMEs, performing interdisciplinary roles as Principal Consultant (Strategic Business & IT), Chief Information/Technology Officer, People Developer (MOM certified Employment Intermediaries Key Appointment Holder), Principal & Managing Director of MOM and WDA accredited CET providers (mentoring adult educators).


Jonathan graduated from NUS with BSc (Information and Computer Science) with Merit, and is in the pioneer batch of MSc Skills and Workforce Development hosted by IAL.