Ling Li Peng (Kelly)

Associate Adult Educator

Professional Highlights:

Kelly-versatile & able to train across diverse industries (ICDL & Softskills)

Kelly - a versatile Trainer with 10 years of experience, adept in training small & large groups across diverse industries. She is also responsible for contextualising training programs for people with disabilities, ranging from ICT to Work Preparation & Soft Skills modules. A firmed believer in the power of learning, Kelly is passionate in transforming Learners (via fun & interactive training) towards empowering oneself. She has the ability to leverage educational methodologies & integrate instructional technologies to provide both onsite & virtual training.


Kelly is an IAL Associate Adult Educator, with ACTA, DACE & holds a Master of Training & Development from Griffith University (Aust). She is also an Accredited Tester with ICDL Asia.