Michelle Cheak

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)


Professional Highlights:

Michelle Cheak specialises in Learning & Development, and has extensive experiences and involvement in e-Learning solutions

Having been in the field of learning and development for over 15 years, Michelle Cheak has extensive experiences and involvement in e-Learning solutions, both in the K-12 and adult learning arena. She is a firm believer of blended learning and in understanding the importance of pedagogical soundness, which would drive the design or the solution. As such, Michelle believes that with the pervasive use of technology as a lifestyle option, blended learning would greatly enhance the learners’ learning experiences.


Specialising in curriculum, content and solutions development for e-Learning and blended learning, Michelle has worked on projects for several organisations and institutions including MINDEF, DSTA, VISA, MOE, HPB and NTU. Her work for these organisations involves content development projects, curriculum design as well as consultancy in the area of learning solutions and providing recommendations for blended solutions which include the use of emerging technology.


Reusable Learning Objects (RLO) was her key project as the Lead Consultant for the SAF. She was also involved in the faculty’s empowerment program as one of the main trainers and facilitators to equip close to 1000 instructors technically and in the area of instructional design to the level of certified e-Content Authors.