Parthivan Ramaya (Ivan Ram)

Associate Adult Educator
+65 93841524

Professional Highlights:

Parthivan (Ivan Ram) specialises in Service Excellence, (Fire) Safety and Security

Parthivan (Ivan Ram) currently works as a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) advocate for a process plant and is appointed part-time as Fire Safety Manager (FSM). He is also concurrently, engaged as a WSQ adjunct trainer on an ad-hoc basis. He has received numerous commendations for adopting unique learning techniques in managing transfer of knowledge, making learning an enjoyable process. This is attributed largely to his own research and reading on understanding the innate needs for adult-learning and pedagogy.


He currently holds a 2nd Upper HONS BSc. in Safety, Bachelor of Justice (International Policing), Adv. Dip & Dip in Police Studies and Security Management, TESOL, ACTA, WSH (Level B), ECO and FSM certifications.