Professional Highlights:

Dr Rinkoo specialises in Learning and Design Competencies, Resilience, Service and Empathy

Rinkoo , a former Principal L&D Specialist from the Civil Service College, is an expert in the areas of L&D, Empathy, Resilience and Service Delivery.  She has more than 26 years of working experience as a Principal L&D Designer and Lead Facilitator from the Civil Service College.  She is currently freelancing and works for both public/social and private sector.


Rinkoo holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from NSW, Australia. She also holds a Master and Bachelor of Arts (in Mass Communication) from Australia.  Rinkoo is a recent graduate of the ACLP programme by IAL. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Learning Organisation and is certified in EQ, Seven Habits, Mindmapping, Resilience.