Roger Tan

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)

Professional Highlights:

Roger Tan specialises in Learning & Performance, Leadership and Business Management & Development,

Roger Tan has more than 25 years of local and overseas experience across diverse industries. He is a highly experienced consultant, bilingual adult educator, lecturer cum curriculum developer who has impacted numerous individuals and companies.


He has designed and trained a suite of academic and professional degree and diploma programmes since 2005. These include P-Max for SMEs and PMETs, Murdoch University and University of Lincoln's courses.


A firm believer in Lifelong Learning, Roger holds a M.A. Lifelong Learning from UCL Institute of Education, MSc.(Hon) and B.Bus. He is also DACE, ACTA, SDFMA, Learning & Performance Consulting, Workplace Learning and EQi2.0/EQi360 certified. Roger is an active volunteer for unemployed, experienced PMETs.