Tan Kwan Liang

Associate Adult Educator


Professional Highlights:

Tan Kwan Liang specialises in Performance Improvement and Leadership Development

Tan Kwan Liang started in the IT industry and successfully assisted a multi-national corporation in expanding their market in the region. After leaving the corporate sector, he has worked with several companies including GIC, MAS, Jurong Health, MINDEF, SPF, BCA, AGC, SIA, M1, SGH, Roche, Sembcorp, Andalus, McDonald’s, SAP, Credit Suisse, Citystate, KS Distribution, Haojun (Shanghai), Brainpower (Korea), ISCA, SIM, and HKMA.


Kwan Liang helps teams navigates towards improved performance through brain-friendly events. Some of his job responsibilities include facilitating the management team, coaching the senior management with the customised 360 Leadership Feedback and the Leadership Development Programme.


Kwan Liang is certified in ACTA, Advanced Facilitation & TAIM (IAL) and is an Advanced Coach (A-N, UK).