Teng Kit Eng

Associate Adult Educator


Professional Highlights:

Teng Kit Eng specialises in Health Care, Customer Services and Product Management

Teng Kit Eng is a trained and qualified nurse who has held senior management positions and has rich experience in the areas of Health Care, Customer Services, Product Management, as well as Sales & Marketing.


Kit Eng has managed internal and external colleagues and partners in Multi-National Corporations handling Fast Moving Consumers Goods and Pharmaceuticals. Her training focuses on empowering learners including prisoners, housewives, youths at risk and workers in between jobs, in the healthcare, shipping, education, banking sectors to enable them to integrate socially and professionally.


Kit Eng places a strong emphasis on changing mind-sets and attitudes in enhancing their communication and personal skills, sales and marketing capabilities and other social graces. She has a humourous personality that encourages lively and interactive training and development sessions.