Zhou Wentao

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development)

+65 81129459

Professional Highlights:

Zhou Wentao specialises in curriculum design, evaluation framework and education pedagogy

As the Programme Director (Master of Nursing) of Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies at NUS, Zhou Wentao has had various experiences in curriculum design for adult learners. She works with numerous healthcare industries to implement and improve programmes based on feedback and national healthcare needs. She has implemented numerous evaluation frameworks and focus groups to identify the gaps in training and develop strategies to bridge these gaps, so as to support the adult learners’ smooth transition during their career development. 


Wentao is an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), and has a joint appointment with the National Neuroscience Institute to provide care to patients with neurological conditions. This allows her to be clinically relevant and up-to-date about various training needs.