ALS 2016 Presentations


The symposium presentation slides are available for download in pdf format.

*Materials are available for downloading as permitted by the presenters.

  • Keynote 2 – How Learning through Work and Innovations can Co-occur

    Prof Stephen Billet (Griffith University)

  • Keynote 3 – Transforming Career Development – Narrative Career Counselling as a Learning Practice

    Prof Hazel Reid (Canterbury Christ Church University)

  • Keynote 4 – Policy Models, Policy Assumptions and Lifelong Learning – Reflections on the UK Experience

    Prof Ewart Keep (University of Oxford)

  • Keynote 5 – Learning in the Digital Age – The Theory and the Practice

    Assoc Prof Steve Wheeler (Plymouth Univesity)

  • Keynote 6 – Bridging Academic and Career Functions within the New Workplace

    Prof Emeritus Rich Feller (Colorado State University)

  • Theme Weaver – Future of Work, Future of Learning: Drawing together different strands

    Sahara Sadik (Institute for Adult Learning)

  • Session 1.1 – Catalysing Workplace Learning Within from Without

    Ms Lai Poi Shan, Ms Millie Lee & Mr Lee Wee Chee (Institute for Adult Learning)

  • Session 1.2 – Using the Career and Values Genokeygram to Empower Your Clients

    Ms Esther Tan (Ministry of Education)

  • Session 1.3 – A Lean, Skilled , Effective and High Quality Army of Pestbusters

    Mr Thomas Fernandez (Pestbusters)

  • Session 1.4 – Adopting Sociocultural Theory as an Industry-wide Training Approach to Engage Trainees in the Civil Aviation Industry

    Mr Jason Wong (Singapore Aviation Academy)