How to blend classroom with work and technology


"Great reference. A must read for all curriculum designers"

     - Dr Linda Fang, Adult Educator

In 2014, Singapore launched the national SkillsFuture movement. One key focus is on skills mastery as a defining quality which will move the country ahead to greater heights. At IAL, we recognise that mastery does not come from qualifications or ability alone, but requires a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, application and experience. To achieve this, we need to move our thinking about training and learning out of the classroom into the workplace and with the help of technology.

To support this move, IAL has created a how-to guide on blended learning, which means designing learning around the modes of classroom-based learning, workplace-based learning and technology-enabled learning. This guide provides concrete frameworks, tools and resources to help enterprises, training providers and curriculum and instructional designers embark on designing and implementing blended learning to develop the workforce.

Click here (PDF, 6.2MB) to download the guide.