Why should one care about interactivity?

According to the IAL-conducted survey on Adult Learners' Perception of Online Learning Due to COVID-19, the top general concerns on online learning across age groups is the lack of interactions among learners or between trainer and learners.


(Source: https://www.ial.edu.sg/access-research/research-at-ial/online-learning-perception-survey.html)


Create meaningful interaction using Nearpod

Nearpod provides an easy way to way to inject interactivity using drag-and-drop features on the platform. Simply upload your existing slides made on PowerPoint or Google Slides and create screen-sync, quiz and other advanced features and increase the quality of your online engagement.

Free tier is available on Nearpod (as of 2nd March 2021)

Additional bite-sized resources to help you to get started


Recorded session of "LEVEL UP↗: How well are you using Nearpod?" (24Feb 2021, 3pm)