Capture audience's input directly on Ms. Powerpoint - Classpoint

Classpoint is an add-ons for Ms. Powerpoint to add the feature of capturing live audience interaction and feedback. Some of the features includes word cloud, drawing and quiz that is functional when you run an online training session.

You can find the video guides on installing and using Classpoint by clicking here.

There is a free tier available on Classpoint (as of 17th June 2021)

Recording on past innovBite: Capture Live Audience Interaction Directly from Powerpoint 

Speaker: Dr. Yong Hsin Ning/ Dr. John Yan

Content: Both facilitators shared about best practices in engaging and training an online learners and utilize an edtech add-ons to capture and present live audience input directly on Microsoft Powerpoint. This tool is useful for the trainers who don't wish to sacrifice their familiarity with using Microsoft Office and enable cloud-based features in getting learners' input.

Why should one care about interactivity?

According to the IAL-conducted survey on Adult Learners' Perception of Online Learning Due to COVID-19, the top general concerns on online learning across age groups is the lack of interactions among learners or between trainer and learners.