Present and collaborate better with digital whiteboard

Google Jamboard provides a free-to-use digital whiteboard tools, with the capability to add pictures, web searches and sticky notes.

Google Jamboard is free-to-use for anyone with Google account. G Suite users or work email managed by Google may need to seek permission from admin to use Google Jamboard (as of 18th March 2021)

Using digital whiteboard with dedicated space to collect spontaneous ideas

You can use any digital whiteboard platform, inclusive of Google Jamboard, to add dedicated space for facilitators to add spontaneous ideas, discussion points or even questions that audience has posed to the facilitators. Capture the fresh idea or enable the interactions with your audience members while you are delivering a specific content. Sample design of slides with dedicated space for idea capture is shown below:


Use individualized digital whiteboard to enable simple assessment (Using Jamboard + Google Classroom)

Jamboard could be paired with Google Classroom to assign individualized digital whiteboard containing questions or other assessment criteria. The strength of Jamboard or other digital whiteboard over typical MCQ/ open-ended exercises is the ability to capture scribbles, handwriting and digital assets as answers to the assessment required.  One sample question below:


Recorded session of "Using Jamboard to enable simple assessment" (17th Mar, 7PM)

Do write in to with the subject heading: "(innovBite) Request slides on Jamboard", should you wish to get access to the learning material on the recorded session above.

Why should one care about interactivity?

According to the IAL-conducted survey on Adult Learners' Perception of Online Learning Due to COVID-19, the top general concerns on online learning across age groups is the lack of interactions among learners or between trainer and learners.