Digital collaboration tool

MIRO provides a powerful platform to collaborate with the abilities to create digital sticky notes, adding digital assets and assigning tasks with deadline tracking capability. There is also built-in features to convert discussion boards into presentable slide deck with a few clicks. is another alternative to MIRO for easy, online whiteboard platform to host shared visual cues in collaboration and training.

Free tier of MIRO and is available (as of 6th May 2021)

Recorded session of "Using MIRO in enabling visual collaboration/ learning online" (17th Mar 2021, 7pm) 

Do write in to with the subject heading: "(innovBite) Request slides on Jamboard", should you wish to get access to the learning material on the recorded session above.

Why should one care about interactivity?

According to the IAL-conducted survey on Adult Learners' Perception of Online Learning Due to COVID-19, the top general concerns on online learning across age groups is the lack of interactions among learners or between trainer and learners.