What is AEN?


The Adult Education Network (AEN) is a community of Training and Adult Education (TAE) professionals coming together to connect to opportunities, collaborate and learn for continuing professional development and skills acquisition. AEN aims to nurture TAE professionals to become enablers to facilitate the implementation of national initiatives such as the iN.LEARN2025, Industry Transformation Maps, Critical Core Skills under the SkillsFuture movement and to be the Centre of Excellence for Adult Training and Education.


Who is AEN for? 


The AEN is open to all professionals coming from the following three main TAE roles: 


  • Adult Education (AE) Professionals
    Individuals whose work relates to the direct activities of development and training for the continuing education and training of the workforce. 

  • Training Management (TM) Specialists
    Individuals engaged in the management of a training institution as its core business function. 

  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Professionals
    Individuals who are involved in the strategic conceptualisation and creation of HR strategies to build employee capacity and human capital to support business needs.


Why join the AEN?


To remain competitive in the dynamic TAE landscape, we acknowledge the need for individuals to be connected to the larger TAE community for collaborative support and capability development. Established since 2008, the AEN has been catering to the needs of its current network of over 6,000 members, through a host of membership benefits that address the differing needs of its members in three typical career phases - from the aspiring, the establishing, to the established.



How will I benefit? 


Professional Development

Advance professionally and be equipped with the right skills to meet the professional demands of tomorrow.

Adult Educator Mentorship Plus Initiative

Receive opportunities for professional guidance by experienced mentors. See who they are.

Mentees can look forward to a structured and focused learning experience and mentorship options leading to attainment of skills credentials, as well as financial aid which helps defray costs of learning under the mentorship

Networking Opportunities

Connect with other fellow Training and Adult Education (TAE) professionals through exclusive AEN informal sessions, workshops and events.


Personalised and first-hand information

Enjoy free subscription for IAL’s bi-weekly EDMs and newsletters featuring personalised and curated content as well as first-hand access to IAL micro-learning initiatives such as Moving Offline to Online Rapidly (MOTOR), IAL Advance, IAL Research reports and many more.


Local Community Engagement with IAL

Uncover and connect with IAL’s community such as InnovBite, InnovJam, InnovDev and more to receive dedicated and curated content for AEN members.

Jobs and Assignments Opportunities

Leverage on IAL’s reach to obtain the fastest updates on available TAE jobs and business opportunities, both local and overseas.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Exclusively for AEN members, acquire practical insights and exchange ideas in specific TAE functional areas with like-minded and established professionals. Be part of the AEN's communities of practice held quarterly.  See all our available SIGs.

Other Benefits

  •  Access to Resources

    Take advantage of IAL's extensive library of resources and access online reference materials on industry trends and development.

See all benefits


How can I apply/ renew?

Membership application and renewable is chargeable at S$ 53.50 (incl. GST) for a fixed tenure of one year. A notification for renewal will be sent before expiry of the membership.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership fees are non-refundable and is subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Separate fees may apply for selected AEN events and activities.
  3. IAL reserves the right to decline any application for membership as it deems appropriate.
  4. By applying for the membership, you agree that the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) may collect, use and disclose your personal data for IAL event updates, reminders for membership renewal and administrative purposes.



Can I contribute to AEN?


At AEN, we are constantly on the look out for opportunities to engage professionals who share synergistic goals and ideals as us.

If you are 

  1. interested to learn more about becoming an AE Mentor to help nurture new and aspiring AEs; or
  2. have a TAE-related subject content to share with the community through a CPD workshop of sorts
For further queries, please contact IAL at 6579 0300 drop an email to aen@ial.edu.sg.