About Taelent


The Institute for Adult Learning is introducing Taelent, the first-ever portal designed exclusively to fit the needs of professionals in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector to chart your career pathway with tools for skills development and matching career opportunities.

Taelent offers comprehensive diagnostic tools to uncover your skillsets and skills gaps, based on SSG Skills Frameworks and international labour insights. Through this complimentary portal, users can view and download individual report about skills that are highly sought-after in the market, skills gaps currently present, skills of growing importance and market trends. Through a diagnostic report generated in Taelent, you will now be able to plan your investment in skills development relevant to your selected career path. Based on your skills profile and career motivation, the portal will recommend developmental programmes for your consideration to further your career.  Suitable jobs and collaboration opportunities will be highlighted for you as a TAE professional to advance your practice. 

Taelent serves as a TAE community touchpoint to connect like-minded professionals through the Adult Education Network (AEN), and earn credits, skills badges and Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) recognition based on your practice and experience. Through this portal, you may apply for credit exemptions for our programmes or validate your applied skills and accomplishments for recognition of your TAE abilities.


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Skills Profiling

Uncover your skillsets and skills gaps through IAL's comprehensive diagnostic tool, based on SSG Skills Frameworks and international labour insights. 



Adult Education Network

A community of Training and Adult Education professionals coming together to connect to opportunities, collaborate and learn for continuing professional development and skills acquisition. AEN aims to nurture TAE professionals to become enablers to facilitate the implementation of national initiatives such as the iN.LEARN2025, Industry Transformation Maps, Critical Core Skills under the SkillsFuture movement and to be the Centre of Excellence for Adult Training and Education.