Testimonial of Francis

Francis (This is an alias)

His identity has been changed to protect his privacy.

Francis started his career as an engineer but felt that it wasn’t his calling after 15 years.  He decided to make a career change and ventured into Human Resources (HR) for 3 years, after attaining a Masters in Human Resource offered by George Washington University.  While working full time in HR, he provided pro-bono services during the evenings and weekends to gain exposure to freelance training. Eventually, he came out on his own and started freelance work in action learning.  Francis found the first 6 months tough. He had enough savings to see him through the period without any work, but he had to live on a tight budget.


In the first few years of doing freelance work, he took up mainly assignments that were related to competency-based skills training with 5 different training providers. Currently, he is focusing on leadership training and taking on assignments that offer personal enjoyment or are aligned with his ethics and morals. Although his finances took a hit, he felt that it was the right choice and that he would achieve a breakthrough soon.


Relationships and networking are very important for Francis.  These were built through attending courses and programmes.  Luckily for Francis, he never had to make any cold calls as all of his work connections had been introduced to him by friends. 


Francis’ “highest goal” is to help the community, especially families in leading fulfilling lives. He provides pro-bono services for the prison and other not-for-profit organizations, which he finds rewarding. He feels that even though he doesn’t get paid for putting in that extra effort, it is good to be able to help his community. He said, “In the end you still gain a lot from it.”