Learning Pathways for the Existing TAE Professional

Module 2 | ACLP for the Existing TAE Professional (Fully Online Learning [FOL])



Entry Requirements


To sign up for ACLP M2 standalone module, you should fulfil the following requirements: 

  • able to use word processing and presentation software. E.g. MS Word and PowerPoint
  • able to use web conferencing software. E.g. Zoom 

The ACLP programme is developed for the learners who possess the following assumed skills and knowledge:

  • Have good English proficiency (English language at GCE ‘O’ Level of C6 and above, or WSQ Workplace Literacy skills of Level 6 and above).
  • Be keen to facilitate learning and assess adult learners through the design, reflection and continuous improvement of learning activities in an array of learning settings such as classroom, workplace and technology-enabled learning contexts.
  • Possess appropriate level subject matter specialisation and industry experience, relevant for the design, facilitation and assessment of learning.
  • Possess basic information and communication technology (ICT) skills.

Be able to source and analyse relevant materials from the workplace, library, internet or online databases for design and development of learning resources.