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How to Get Your Adult Education Business Up and Running

Programme Fees:

AEN Member: S$107.00 | Non-AEN Member: S$321.00 w/GST


AEN Member: S$107.00 | Non-AEN Member: S$321.00 w/GST

Permanent Resident

Non-AEN Member: S$1,070.00 w/GST


Continuing Professional Development


27 hours


FT Liu (Mr) / Samuel Lee (Dr)





Participants are required to bring along Mobile Device to access the internet and Courseware for the session. 

What is this programme about?


After working for 20 years or more, many professionals would like to be an Adult Educator (AE) to share their skills, knowledge and experience to benefit others.

Many began their transition by taking ACTA, the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment. This is a certification programme offered by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) to equip professionals with a foundation in pedagogical and facilitation knowledge and skills to ensure that they will become confident AEs. At the end of the course, they would have the skills to package their 20+ years of skills, knowledge and experience in a way that would allow them to deliver them consistently, repeatedly and effectively to adult learners.

Unfortunately, most realised that completing ACTA does not automatically translate to training opportunities. Some feel that their decision to go into training is on track and growing. They like the freedom. But most soon realise that a training career is, after all, not working for them financially.

The reason? Because many people forget that making and attracting the money they want is a skill. Like any skill, it needs to be learnt and practiced.

Are you one of them? If you are, this is the workshop for you.

In this 3-Day classroom facilitated face-to-face workshop, you will learn not only to think like an entrepreneur but also the practical tips to deliver an Executive Overview Session to market your full workshop that would allow you to monetize your skills, knowledge and experience.

For many people, especially those who are already in the AE business, this part is usually about making the right tweaks to what you are already doing. And, unless there is a massive gap you are not filling in (which usually isn’t the case), they can be quite easy to fix.

PRE-REQUISITE: As a pre-requisite to this 3-Day workshop, participants must have attended at least one of the monthly “Fireside Chat with L&D Managers” sessions. The goal of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for Adult Educators to:

·        Have a feel of the domain areas in demand by interacting with the L&D Managers who are the Service Buyers across the various sectors such as healthcare, food services, logistics, security, etc.

·        Understand the landscape – who are the Service Buyers and who are the Service Providers who are currently supporting them.

·        Understand the standards expected of a Service Provider.

A snapshot of the programme delivery duration, structure and sequence is as illustrated below:

DAY ONE (Mandatory for progressing into the programme): The programme kickstarts with learners attending a fireside chat with organisation L&D representatives from the targeted ITM sectors of healthcare, food services, security and logistics. This session is critical for learners to assess if he or her domain expertise align with sectoral demand and prevents them from trying to sell their TAE services from solely a supply-oriented perspective.

DAY TWO: We will be covering the Go-To-Market Basics in the first day. As this is a blended workshop, participants will be given an e-Learning briefing so that they can access the online materials where the “heavy lifting” i.e. the theory will be covered. We will be using IAL’s Canvas Learning Management System.

DAY TWO (A): After the e-Learning briefing, participants will be able to go online to access the materials, participate in the discussions and take some quizzes. Participants have 7 days to do the e-Learning before DAY THREE begins.

DAY THREE: For your workshops to compete in the Singapore market, it will be necessary to get them approved for SkillsFuture funding. This reduces the upfront costs for participants. The courseware requirements for Skills Future approval will be covered as well as actual case studies of courses which have been approved. These case studies will give participants an idea of how the requirements are being interpreted. Hands on practice to develop these SkillsFuture courses will be provided in the sessions.

Participants will also be shown the steps taken to do a sector review focusing on how to synergize the industry trends into service offerings, and if their primary domain expertise aligns with sectoral demand.

DAY FOUR: ASSESSMENT: There will be two parts to the assessment. The first part will assess the participants ability to put across a clear message on how his or her workshop is able to benefit the target audience. The second part will assess the participant’s ability to put together a course proposal and materials based on the requirements for SkillsFuture funding. In addition, learners will have to submit their critiques as they evaluate the presentations of their peers.

Day FIVE (OPTIONAL): There will be an opportunity for participants to sign up for Professional Develop Conference in Singapore where they will be given a 1-Hour slot to pitch their Executive Overview Session to ‘live’ potential service buyers. This is where participants will be able to put their Go-To-Market plan to a real test. Note that there will be an additional fee of $200 (over and above programme fee) for this option.


Who is it suitable for?


This programme is for professionals in:

  • Adult Education: comprises job functions in the activities of learning design, curriculum development, learning facilitation, assessment of learning competence, learning technology integration and providing consultancy and advisory services to drive business performance.
  • Learning Management: comprises job functions in the management and support of learning programmes, systems and technology management and implementation, quality assurance of learning programmes and driving business development.


What does it cover?


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Get started on their adult education business.
  • Create demand out there in the market.
  • Secure a training assignment.
  • Meet the standards expected by the market.


Fees & funding

AEN Member Singaporean/PR Non-AEN Member Singaporean/PR Non-AEN Member Others

Total programme fee




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The 90% course fee discount for CPD programmes is only applicable to an AEN Member who is either a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. Foreigners will not be entitled to this discount even if they are AEN members.

Programme fee covers training and assessment. The fee is inclusive of prevailing GST and subject to changes.

Additional funding assistance, if applicable

Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit which can be used to offset the selected programmes’ fees for self-sponsored registrations only.


About the speaker(s)

FT Liu (Mr)

Chief Executive Officer | Professional Supremacy Corporation Pte. Ltd

FT Liu (Mr) is the Chief Executive Officer of Professional Supremacy Corporation Pte. Ltd., a world class provider of learning and development solutions to Professionals so that they achieve Supremacy in their respective practice areas. The company believes that when professionals get better, everybody gains. The company facilitates the development of professionals by setting up platforms where they can share their skills, knowledge and experience with each other. These include workshops, conferences, seminars, talks and events.

FT started training others when he was just a kid in school. His parents liked to brag about the A’s he got. The neighbourhood parents were willing to pay him to train their kids how to do likewise. At work, as part of his senior management responsibilities, FT did internal training to fellow colleagues on leadership, problem solving and decision-making. After joining DuPont as a salesman, FT was involved in training customers and distributors on the company’s products and services. In 2012, FT began the next phase of his career as a consultant in Supply Chain Management, Sales Pipeline Management and Strategy Development.

FT is the author of 4 books on business and engineering. He has a degree in Engineering (Honours) and a masters in Knowledge Management. He is also an ACTA certified trainer and a certified Singapore Professional Management Consultant. In 2018, he was recognised as a Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation) by the Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore. 

Samuel Lee (Dr)

Master Trainer/ Lead Supervisor | Global Education Academy Pte Ltd

Dr Samuel Lee is a Trainer and Consultant. He is an experienced Master Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in regional Training and Education for the past 30 years. He currently lectures for MBA programmes in public and private universities in Singapore.

He has been doing training and consultancy work in Leadership Development, Human Resources and Change Management for MNCs and SMEs in Singapore and in Asia. Many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses still struggle to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and the Internet.

Today he is helping more SMEs in Singapore to acquire the skills necessary for Digital Transformation. This involves developing the Technology and Digital roadmaps as part of their Leadership change so that their businesses can grow and expand globally.

With experience and knowledge of SkillsFuture & Grants/funding, he has assisted many companies in Change and Workplace learning initiatives.