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IAL SECRET Online Learning Framework

Full Fee: S$4,280.00 w/GST (before subsidies)

Programme Fees:

AEN Member: S$428.00 | Non-AEN Member: S$1,284.00 w/GST


AEN Member: S$428.00 | Non-AEN Member: S$1,284.00 w/GST

Permanent Resident

S$4,280.00 w/GST


Continuing Professional Development


4 days (28 hours)


Loh Ley Ley (Ms) 
John Phua  (Mr)
Darren Tjan (Mr)
Noel Pang (Mr)



What is this programme about?



The pandemic affected every industry and has also hit the TAE sector hard. All training-related activities had to pivot from physical to online classes in an extremely short amount of time. In doing so, there were concerns amongst the community as many struggled to mount online courses due to the lack of options in contextualised implementation resources available, to ensure business continuity while not compromising on quality.

A year has passed and a study conducted by Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) found that half of the respondents expressed their intent to continue with online learning post pandemic, and a high percentage of respondents felt that online learning will continue to be the de facto training delivery mode post-pandemic.

In this programme, we are sharing our expertise, principles and practices IAL adopted when we shifted our programmes from a physical classroom setting to an online environment. SECRET is an acronym for Social Collaboration, Emotional & Physical Health, Cognition, Reflection: Re-thinking your Online Learning, Economics and Technology. Each principle adds a valuable dimension to online learning that encourages learner interaction and engagement, while protecting learning experiences and effectiveness of learners. We also look at different business models to sustain online learning while leveraging on technology to enhance the overall learning journey.

The programmes come together with a hands-on workshop, where learners get to create a working online learning course.

Learners will be equipped with online learning pedagogical practices that they can embed in their online learning.

Learners will be introduced to:

  1. Different types of online learning and factors to consider before embarking on online learning and different Social collaboration practices that can be adopted from the Social Constructivism theory in the online course. Peer learning, which can be achieved through different types of group interactions; selecting appropriate tools that help encourage interactions amongst peers.

  2. Identify Emotional and cues of fatigue and methods to overcome them; triggers of emotional and physical stresses; Create a psychological safety environment for sharing; identify and prevent learning fatigue. 

  3. The different Cognitive practices that enhance retention in online settings; understand the importance of cognitive load; practices that increase retention; scaffolding learning to Bloom's digital taxonomy.

  4. Developing the growth mindset; Understanding the different Reflective Practice Models, Incorporate reflective practices into your online learning;

  5. The different Business (Economics) models that can sustain online learning; understand key components and considerations to build a digital learning business; plan to operationalize your digital learning business; design your business model canvas.

  6. Different types of Technology that can support SECRET practices; explore different types of learning platforms; explore Mobile learning, social learning, micro learning; Bringing SECRE into context of T.

  7. Approaches to develop an online course adopting SECRET principles towards the creation of an online course

Delivery Structure:

SECRET comprises a hybrid of online and in-class sessions. The SECRET sessions will be delivered fully online over 3 days so that learners can experience the online learning practices first hand.

The 1-day Hands-On Workshop will be delivered in class so that learners can be better supported as they develop their working online course.

Apart from the online and classroom delivery, learners will be provided with access to course materials hosted on Google Classroom including Microlearning lessons which they must complete prior to joining the session.


Who is it suitable for?


  • Aspiring trainers with extensive domain knowledge starting their online learning development journey. Wants to learn how to create online course, how to engage learners to better understand knowledge and retention in online settings, find appropriate systems to host the online learning and find suitable business model to continue to earn a living
  • Experienced Learning Facilitator looking at shifting training to online platform, and setting, making learning content accessible, leverage on technology to deliver training while adopting practices that help learners to better understand and retain knowledge, find suitable alternative business models to sustain training business


Fees & funding

AEN Member Singaporean/PR Non-AEN Member Singaporean/PR Non-AEN Member Others

Total programme fee




The fee is inclusive of prevailing GST and subject to changes. 

AEN member rates are only applicable for Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents. Foreigners will not be entitled for AEN members rates regardless if he/she is an AEN member. To register for AEN membership, please click here.


Please proceed to make payment via eNets/credit card (VISA or MasterCard) at the end of the registration process. Kindly note that the system will automatically cancel the registration if full payment  has not been successfully processed by 11.59pm (Singapore Time) on the same day of the registration. You will have to reapply for the course, subject to availability of vacancy at the point of your re-registration.  

Additional funding available, if applicable

Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit which can be used to offset the selected programmes’ fees for self-sponsored registrations only.

Please note the submission period for your SFC claim via MySkillsFuture needs to be within 60 days before the course start date (date inclusive). If your course start date is more than 60 days from the date of SFC application, the SSG-SFC portal would reject your application. In this case, you would need to pay the full course fees at the end of your course application.


Request for rescheduling must be submitted to IAL 2 weeks before the commencement of programme. Reschedule requests that come mid-way through training has to be supported by valid reasons; substantiated by references as evidence; such as a doctor’s note; or a hospitalization chit. 

Please submit your request to reschedule your course at MyIAL. A non-refundable administrative fee of S$53.50 (with GST) applies for the request and the next available slot will be offered.


Request for withdrawal from a programme is subjected to review by IAL and the decision is final. IAL reserves the right to request for supporting document(s). A non-refundable administration fee of S$53.50 (inclusive of GST) is applicable for withdrawal request. If the withdrawal notice is given less than 2 weeks before the programme start date, the paid fees will not be refunded.

Corporate run

For dedicated corporate runs with a contract signed with IAL, billing and payment will follow the terms of the signed contract. Otherwise, payment would be expected upon registration.


About the speaker

Loh Ley Ley (Ms)

Managing Partner | Skye Digital Pte Ltd

Ley Ley (Ms), a Managing Partner at Skye Digital Pte Ltd, is an experienced workforce development specialist with close to twenty years of experience in learning and development, training administration, communications, marketing, customer relations, analytics, strategic planning and international relations as well as industry development.

She is also highly skilled in systems thinking, managing large-scale projects, competency framework design and mapping, as well as training & development systems and operations. 

Noel Pang (Mr)

Associate Adult Educator

Noel Pang (Mr) is a passionate believer in the principles of holistic learning and development. He brings along more than ten years of technical knowledge in training and development, and has facilitated training in the areas of Train-the-Trainer, Customer Service and Teambuilding.


Noel is currently an adjunct Adult Educator with the Institute for Adult Learning. His working experience includes being the Head of Creative Department and trainer for the WSQ ACTA (ver. 4) program with CBLD Pte Ltd. He was also the in-house trainer with Shell Retail Singapore Pte Ltd, the Management Representative (MR) for NSRS Approved Training Programme with Service Master Pte Ltd and the internal People Developer Assessor with CPF Board.

John Phua (Mr)

Managing Partner | Skye Digital Pte Ltd

John (Mr), a Managing Partner at Skye Digital Pte Ltd, is an experienced Content Strategist on developing digital content infrastructure to achieve organisational scalability and sustainability.

He runs consultative projects on digital transformation, content strategy, capability building and digital content production. Through the use of content intelligence frameworks and micro learning content strategy, he addresses the immediate application of learning through succinct content delivery. With attentions being vied for by multi-modal mediums, he delivers value through concise and to-the-point learning design for learners across all domains.

Darren Tjan(Mr)

Adult Educator | Institute for Adult Learning

Darren Tjan (Mr) is a consultant, trainer and learning designer with over 20 years of experience working with individuals and organisations in the areas of learning, technology and performance.

He has consulted and trained a wide range of individuals from both the public and private sectors. This has given him valuable insight into the challenges, needs and operational objectives of different organisations in different industries.

Darren has also designed and developed WDA accredited training, customised training for multinational companies, eLearning courses, and also undertaken courseware quality assurance audits for a leading CET Centre.

He has worked with IAL for over a decade, and has facilitated various modules in the ACTA, ACLP and DACE programmes. Darren achieves much satisfaction in helping people maximise their potential in their lives.