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Introduction to the Geragogy Guidelines (by C3A)

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Helen Ko (Dr)
Ng Wai Chong (Dr)
Yap Swee Cheng (Dr)
Anita Ho (Ms)
Lau Tat Chuan (Mr)
Sally Ting (Ms)
Lee Phyllis (Ms)
Sandra Chan (Ms)


2 hours


Amidst the growing ageing population, there is an increasing proportion of older adults (i.e. senior learners) that partake in various lifelong learning opportunities available. However, senior learners have distinct characteristics as compared to other segments of population and as such, their learning needs may also differ. It is therefore important for trainers and practitioners to be mindful of these distinct characteristics and learning needs.



Learners only need to attend one session. 

This session is available for zoom and face-to-face classes. Participants can participate in the session from any venue of their convenience with a laptop / device that is compatible with ZOOM. More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.


What is this programme about?


Singapore’s first ever Geragogy Guidelines, developed by Council for Third Age (C3A) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) was launched in March 2021. This new set of guidelines provides insights and recommendations on three areas such as:
i) the learning preferences and challenges of the senior learner
ii) effective training methods that can enhance the learning experiences
iii) the different trainer’s characteristics preferred by older adults.

This programme provides an overview of the Geragogy Guidelines, highlighting key principles and best practices. During the programme, participants would have the opportunity to understand and equip themselves with the various principles and recommendations that can be adopted and serve as useful enhancements to the current practices used in different areas such as curriculum design and course delivery.

With these guidelines, they would serve to help you enhance and allow learning processes to be inclusive for learners of all ages, which in turn build and foster a more conducive learning environment for your programmes.

Interested users can visit the C3A website to download their free copy at https://www.c3a.org.sg/geragogy-guidelines

The programme provides an overview on the Singapore’s first ever Geragogy Guidelines, developed by Council for Third Age (C3A) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) , which was launched in March 2021.

Interested users can visit the C3A website to download their free copy at https://www.c3a.org.sg/geragogy-guidelines


What does it cover?


  • Understanding the C3A-SUSS Geragogy Guidelines
  • Understanding senior learners and their different characteristics and needs
  • Learning about the various recommendations to better engage with the senior learners and apply the relevant techniques in your area of work
  • Recognising and building upon the various characteristics of trainers found to be effective in engaging older adults


Who is it suitable for?


  • Trainers, Curriculum Developers, Course Administrators, Centre Managers, Management from senior-centric organisations, Management in charge of Continuing Education and Training, Learning & Development Managers or Human Resources managers involved in planning of learning needs for mature employees, and other professionals with areas of work that involves engagement with older adults


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About the speaker

Helen Ko (Dr)

Associate Professor | Singapore University of Social Sciences

Dr Helen Ko is an Associate Professor with the Singapore University of Social Sciences, teaching courses in the Master and PhD in Gerontology and Master of Counselling Programmes. She is concurrently Executive Director of Beyond Age, a training consultancy with deep expertise on ageing issues.

For over 30 years, Prof Ko carried out research on ageing issues and pioneered the development of several programmes for seniors in Singapore, while serving concurrently as a lecturer for various Diploma and Master programmes at different polytechnics and universities. Prof Ko had also served in various national committees, including the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Ageing Population and the Committee on Ageing Issues. She was previously Chief Executive Officer St Luke's Eldercare, Executive Director of Centre for Seniors and Director of Sage Counselling Centre. With her vast experience in the senior sector, Prof Ko provides a wealth of knowledge and insights on engaging older adults and their needs.


Prof Ko’s research interests include counselling older adults, lifelong learning, retirement issues and ageing workforce management. Through her research, she had developed an award-winning model for teaching older adults, published as a journal article entitled: Teaching Older Adults: An Instructional Model from Singapore (2020), indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection.

Ng Wai Chong (Dr)

Dr Ng Wai Chong has been a community aged-care physician for more than 20 years, while also serving as a clinical tutor for the Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine at NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and as a Programme Advisory Panel member and consultant for the Masters of Gerontology programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences.


In addition, Dr Ng has been the course director and trainer for various professional programmes at Tsao Foundation’s Hua Mei Training Academy, including Community Dementia Care and Advance Primary Care for Homebound Elders. He also regularly conducts seminars and workshops for seniors and lay volunteers on various topics including healthcare, healthy ageing, mental well-being, mindfulness, and dementia.


With his extensive clinical experience, Dr Ng provides unique insights for designing and conducting impactful courses to benefit learners. Prior to setting up his own practice, Dr Ng was the Chief Clinical Affairs of Tsao Foundation. Dr Ng was also named the Global Ageing Influencer by Ageing Asia in 2018.

Yap Swee Cheng (Dr)

Dr Yap Swee Cheng is an experienced educator and curriculum developer with more than 15 years of experience in conducting workshops and training sessions for individuals, corporates and non-profit organizations. With her past experiences ranging from being a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic, to serving as the Head of Training and Outreach for the Society for WINGS in the social sector, Swee Cheng brings a refreshing outlook on engaging learners effectively in both formal and informal learning environments.


Swee Cheng now serves as an advisor to the World Toilet Organisation (WTO) and contributes her skills as a curriculum developer and trainer for their projects and programmes. She also helps local and overseas organisations in training and curriculum development.


She is also actively involved in running various projects related to women and seniors, in addition to mentoring the needy individuals to live a dignified life by ageing successfully through the holistic services and solutions provided for them.


Swee Cheng holds a Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and is a ACTA- certified trainer.

Anita Ho (Ms)

Anita Ho has served as a guest lecturer and curriculum developer for over 10 years at community organisations such as AWWA and Centre for Enabling Living (renamed as SG Enable) and academic institutions such as National University of Singapore. She is currently an Associate Faculty with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) under the Master of Gerontology Programmes.


Tapping on over 20 years of her management experience in the eldercare and active ageing sectors, Anita has also been developing and conducting multiple programmes and talks for the professionals and public (for both active and vulnerable seniors, and their family caregivers), for various organisations such as Agency for Integrated Care. In view of her passion for the sector, Anita has also served intermittently on the Council at the Gerontological Society Singapore over the past 10 years, supporting the efforts in building awareness of Gerontology.

With her extensive experiences in both the eldercare sector and as a trainer, Anita would be able to share much insights on synergizing the theoretical concepts and the applications of techniques for engaging with mature learners.

Lau Tat Chuan (Mr)

Tat Chuan had served with over 20 years of experience as an educator and content developer in the lifelong learning sector. Following his previous roles in conducting training and workshops for the corporate, community and education sectors under Singapore Training & Development Association, Singapore Management University and The Idea Factory, Tat Chuan continues to train and guide learners of all ages at Singapore Institute of Management and Center for Creative Leadership.


In addition, he has also served as a Research Associate and Adult Education Specialist with the Institute for Adult Learning, and developed a blended course on Learning & Performance Consulting, targeted for fellow adult educators.


Prior his focus into the lifelong learning sector, Tat Chuan was one of three Directors who co-founded the Centre for Fathering, where he was deeply involved in developing and delivering programmes related to family life education and work-life harmony.  Taking heed from his vast training experiences, Tat Chuan provides a holistic understanding on teaching and engaging with mature learners in accordance to their changing needs.

Sally Ting (Ms)

Sally is armed with 10 years of experience serving as an Occupational Therapist within the geriatric sector, and has been conducting training and delivering talks on caregiving and self-care for both professionals and public members with organisations such as Changi General Hospital, Diabetes Singapore and Silver Caregivers Co-operative. Currently, Sally continues to be active in various projects, and shares her expertise and tips on engaging seniors in her role as an AIC-certified trainer for caregivers, especially for those caring for Persons with Dementia.

Lee Phyllis (Ms)

Phyllis has been involved in the healthcare and social sector for over 10 years, where she has worked closely with professionals and volunteers at Ng Teng Fong Hospital and RSVP Singapore. Following her passion in active ageing, she had continued onwards to share unique insights and techniques in engaging seniors effectively in the capacity as a trainer and curriculum developer at various organisations such as the Hua Mei Training Academy of Tsao Foundation, and previously at RHA Academy under the Specialist Diploma in Gerontology programme. Phyllis currently also serves as an Geron-Counsellor, and is an ACTA-certified trainer as well as an Advance Care Planning facilitator. She continues to stay involved and offer her expertise in various discussions, government initiatives and activities related to active ageing within the community.

Sandra Chan (Ms)

A mid-career switcher to nursing in 2003, Sandra has started to share her enriching experiences with nurses and elderly clients through formal and informal training since 2007. Tapping on her past experiences on engaging with seniors in the various community healthcare sector with organisations such as Nursing Homes, Lions Befrienders and SATA CommHealth, Sandra had also provided various talks for seniors in Senior Activity Centres as well as hands-on training for fellow nurses. Sandra currently serves as a Clinical Instructor at Alice Lee for Nursing Studies (NUS), and will be able to share much knowledge, skills and experiences in engaging seniors.