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Go Where You Are Celebrated: Get Prepared!

CET Entrepreneurship Track

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Anderson Tan (Mr) and FT Liu (Mr)


7.00pm - 10.00pm


This session is held on 6 Jul, 7.00pm - 10.00pm.


The Singapore Professional Development Conference is scheduled for 12 and 13 August, Fri & Sat. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage this platform to take your skills, knowledge, and experience to the local and overseas markets. To be effective, we need to get prepared! Go where we are celebrated and let us “Hunt as a Pack”. Come join us to make things happen in the region. Instead of starting from scratch, participants will be provided with an established platform in each of these countries where they can launch their offerings to help the professionals in the emerging economies. Instead of trying to break into these markets alone, participants will collaborate and “Hunt as a Pack” to compete with the rest of the world.




This session will be conducted face-to-face at IAL, Experiment Room. More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.


What is the session about?


Significant economic storm clouds ahead are causing economists to trim Singapore’s economic growth projection this year to 3.8 per cent from 4 per cent in March. This is a significant decline from last year’s 7.6 per cent growth. The pessimistic outlook is due to rising inflation, a tightening of global financial conditions and slowing growth in major export markets.

But the good news is the easing of pandemic related restrictions across ASEAN allowing us to resume our in-country marketing activities to offer our skills, knowledge, and experience to the professionals in Manila and Ho Chi Minh City so that they are equipped to take their economy to the next level.

The Singapore Professional Development Conference (PDC2022@SG) is organized to prepare Adult Educators to venture into the overseas markets via two similar platforms PDC2022@Manila and PDC2022@HCMC scheduled for 25 & 26 Aug, Fri & Sat and 2 & 3 Sep, Fri & Sat respectively.

We are now reaching out to all Adult Educators in Singapore to leverage PDC2022@SG to prepare for the overseas markets later in the year via PDC2022@Manila and PDC2022@HCMC.

In this session, we will be explaining how the PDC2022@SG platform works and how Adult Educators can benefit. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask all the questions you have and how you can begin to prepare for the overseas markets.

Our goal is to make things happen in the region. Therefore, before we end the session, interested AEs can book their speaking slots. Please note that slots are limited and they will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Gain deeper insights in the CET systems of developing countries through our 4-part seiries. Stay tuned and sign up for the remaining sessions once they are released! 

  • Go Where You Are Celebrated: The Phillipines (offered in Q1)
  • Go Where You Are Celebrated: Vietnam (offered in Q2)
  • Go Where You Are Celebrated: Get Prepared 
  • Go Where You Are Celebrated: Thailand (Coming soon)


What does the session cover?


At the end of the session, participants will be able to take-away the following:

  1. Details on how PDC2022@SG works and how AEs can benefit.
  2. Opportunity to book the limited speaking slots.
  3. What, why and how to get prepared for the overseas market.


Fees & funding

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This session is open to AEN members for free.  To register for AEN membership, please click here.


About the speaker

Anderson Tan (Mr)

Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development) | Co-Chair, SIG Entrepreneurship

Since 2018, Anderson Tan has been venturing into the emerging economies in the region. He has established an overseas network of companies and partners in the training and adult education space. Specifically, he is exporting the Singapore brand of the Skills Framework to the public sector in these emerging economies. This has been embraced by the Philippines Government. Other countries where he has established a presence are Indonesia and Vietnam.

FT Liu (Mr)

Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation) | Co-Chair, SIG Entrepreneurship


Since 2017, FT Liu has been leading professionals from Singapore to Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar to share their skills, knowledge, and experience with the professionals there so that they can take their economy to the next level. Leveraging his years of experience as a Regional Sales and Marketing professional, FT led the team to develop the Go-To-Market plan for Myanmar. This includes organising the annual Professional Development Conference, the platform where professionals can launch their offerings to managers from the top 200 private companies in Myanmar. By 2019, the team was able to break into the Yoma Strategic Group, one of the top 5 conglomerates in the country.