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Inspire a Learning Revolution at Your Workplace


Did you know? 68%1 of employees preferred to learn at work and that 94%2 reported that they would stay longer in a company that invested in their career growth.

As leaders of enterprises, how can you inspire peak organisational performance and productivity as well as ensure attraction and retention of your talents? By investing in your most important resource – your employees! By Empowering Individuals, you are Advancing Enterprises!


At the Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP), we work with enterprises who, like you, are focused on maximising organisational productivity by investing and empowering employee performance through workplace learning and employee-driven initiatives and projects. Embark on your very own workplace transformation to inspire a learning revolution.



Embrace Workplace Transformation Today


In a country like Singapore, investment in human capital may be the most viable way to stay competitive. As an employer, you can encourage your employees to engage in workplace learning to innovate and improve work processes, service and products. Embark on your workplace learning journey and transform your organisation today!

What is Workplace Learning?

Workplace learning is simply learning at work! It is the acquisition of knowledge or skills by formal or informal means at the workplace. It can be as structured as On-The-Job Training (OJT), coaching and mentoring or even as organic as brainstorming sessions.

How Can Workplace Learning Benefit Your Organisation?


Workplace learning strengthens and sustains the viability of your organisation by enhancing and sharpening the skillsets and capabilities of your employees. Are you interested in improving the productivity and performance of your employees? If so, workplace learning can help your organisation achieve the following:

Creation of Skilled Workforce

Creation of capable and confident taskforce that drives productivity in your organisation.

Improvement in Employee Engagement

Provision of learning opportunities signals to employees that organisation is invested in their growth and thus are more engaged and committed.  

Attraction and Retention of Talent

Provision of learning and growth opportunities encourages employees resulting in retention and attraction of talents.

Creation of a Learning Culture

Creation of a learning culture in organisation where employees are empowered to embrace self-directed learning.


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