What is innovDev?

In short: subsidized consultancy to assist Training Provider and Enterprises (TP&E) in improving their training material and delivery, built with flexibility towards the needs for enterprises.
In 2020, IAL innovDev was conceptualized as a multi-agency effort to help Training Provider and Enterprises (TP&E) in transitioning to a better blended delivery from the perspective of learning content and delivery strategy. As we enter post-pandemic stage, we want to continue supporting TP&E who have issues with their existing stop-gap measures or further iterate on their blended approach and plug existing shortcomings and weaknesses.
IAL innovDev provides up-to 35 hours of subsidized consultancy to help TP&E in improving any elements found within 2 (two) of their existing courses. This support programme provides the flexibility for TP&E to scope which portion of their courses they wished to improve on. The flexibility of this initiative also extends to the type of courses that TP&E can submit. The courses can be either publicly-run courses or internal-facing courses, WSQ or non-WSQ courses, government-funded ones or otherwise.
One can also think of innovDev as a support initiative to offset the risk of experimentation or attempting potential improvement. Our consultants would guide staff members to TP&E in whittling down potential options that serves the needs of TP&E target learners best, while being aware of TP&E’s limitations. Another plus point is the knowledge transfer from selected consultants with deep subject-matter experience to internal staff charged with tackling the system shortcomings.

How will I benefit from innovDev?


  • 35 consultancy hours to be spent enhancing 2 existing courses within 1 year (no minimum period)
  • Expertise and guidance from blended learning coaches to ensure pedagogical soundness of courses put through innovDev
  • Development of blended learning capabilities of staff assigned to innovDev
  • Flexibility in determining scope of consultancy support required based on your organisation's needs

Who is innovDev for?

innovDev is meant for Training Providers and Enterprises with L&D Units who are looking to enhance their existing training courses.
Be it whether you want to improve your current courses but are unsure where to start and are looking for a more hands-on guided approach to consultancy, or whether you have specific learning gaps you want to address and would like to work in a targeted manner with the consultant, the scope is up to you and your assigned consultant to decide. Sign up today!

Do I qualify for innovDev?

The admission criteria for innovDev includes:
  1. Your organization is a Singapore-registered enterprise
  2. Have 2 existing and running courses to improve or enhance. Target audience of the courses must primarily be Singapore-based learners.
  3. Have at least 2 (two) full-time curriculum developers – flexibility to include ad-hoc staff or exceptions to minimum number are possible for small-scale enterprises
  4. Co-pay $535 (w/ GST) in accordance to the principle of commitment upon successful admission into innovDev

How does innovDev work?


Is the process complicated? What do I need submit to prove work done?


  • Collate post-intervention learners' feedback on the 2 courses submitted. This programme does not mandate positive improvement as compared to the state of courses prior to coming into innovDev
  • Send at least 1 staff to attend IAL's 6 Principles of Learning Design Continuing Professional Development Programme (exclusion applies for current student or graduate of WSQ Diploma in Design and Development of Learning for Performance - DDDLP)

Any success stories to contextualize the purpose of innovDev?

To better paint what is possible from innovDev, let us take a look at one of organizations that has enrolled into innovDev. Meet Mr.Ebnu; he is the Director of TeamworkBound Singapore, an organisational development and team performance training provider. Being a largely facilitation-based training provider, lots of the content is delivered via face-to-face engagement. At the start of pandemic disruptions, the performance of training was only kept up by the quality of in-house trainers despite being largely limited to delivering Zoom-only, didactic training. A hands-on, immersive training had been nerfed to half-a-body snapshots within small windows on a computer screen.
Ebnu and his staff Aphroz enrolled into innovDev to seek a way forward in improving his blended training as immersive and easy-to-deliver for in-house trainers and administrator as possible Through innovDev, Ebnu was attached to a suitable consultant to guide him in digitalizing a portion of his lessons. Scenario-based storytelling portion of the training was initially delivered manually by trainers by speaking into a webcam. The consultant helped to guide the organization to include a pedagogically-sound video offerings on a platform and integrated knowledge-check assessment onto the online training platform. Thus, it gives learners larger selection of scenario that resonates with individual profile of learners while freeing up more training time for personalized feedback with learners based on the result of assessment.
Upon the completion of lesson transformation, the blended curriculum also provides additional modes of delivery and outreach to other markets beyond Singapore. The intervention includes building up the skillsets of his staff, who managed training coordination to take on a critical backend supportive role, to edit and curate digital learning materials. This includes taking a proactive approach towards building and developing future digital contents amongst the suite of programs we offer.
“The videos as well as the quizzes was a good way for me to see the problems play out and for me to reflect and think about my personal characteristics respectively, ” mentioned one learner who benefitted from the transformed course. Another learner has given a feedback: “I enjoyed the course it was interactive and I did not feel bored or uninterested,” despite receiving a facilitation-based course delivered in mixed online and F2F channel.

Application Process


1. Download the Application Form below

2. Submit your completed application form to   


*Admissions are ongoing until the funding is fully utilized or end-2025 (whichever earlier). Please download the Application Form below to apply.

**Do email Mr Ivan Lee ( if you have any queries or further clarifications.


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Resources for Current Applicants

You can refer curated list of learntech platforms that could assists your course transformation/ improvement journey. You can also find submission templates upon your completion of first/ second stage of innovDev below.