InnovJAM Ideathon 2020 

(2nd Cohort)

The InnovJAM Ideathon offers just the right help to build the kernel of an idea, test, iterate and validate it to transform it into a fully developed learning solution that could deepen professional skills, impact the way people learn and increase productivity. Get all the help you need to do this at this round of the InnovJAM Ideathon 2020!



Why Join Us

Your innovative learning idea may well be the means to tackle various L&D challenges, but getting from an idea to a fully realised L&D solution can be an intimidating process, especially without the right guidance. 

We are here to help you with this process of building your innovation idea by providing you support to better launch or accelerate your idea and eventually, your company, if that is the direction you would like to head.



Our specially designed Scale-Up Bootcamp programme will provide the help needed to test, iterate and validate your idea that tackles an existing Learning & Development (L&D) challenge.

What We Offer



Programme Schedules

(Registration closed on 30 Aug 2020

04 Sep 

  • Pitching Day - Teams to pitch to a panel of judges. Winning teams wil be selected into the Scale-Up Bootcamp and provided with S$5,000 Starter Grant to start iterating your winning ideas. 

07 Sep –   22 Oct

        (For Winning Teams only)

  • Scale-Up Bootcamp - A series of Coaching / Mentorship / Workshops / Masterclasses sessions to bring winning teams through the process of idea/solution iteration and validation. 

22 Oct

  • Showcase Day - Winning teams to showcase their iterated ideas/solutions to the L&D communties.


Let's hear from the InnovJAM Ideathon 2020 - 1st Cohort.


Watch The Pitching from our 1st Cohort on InnovJAM Showcase Day.