Learner Engagement - More than Having Fun

Dr Bi Xiaofang / Dr Daniel Seah / Mr Pambudi Sunarsihanto


2 hours



What is the session about?


The use and adoption of online learning has skyrocketed over the past year. Despite its fair share of proponents, the key challenge of learner engagement continues to plague online learning, including feeling isolated from trainers as well as other learners. With online learning unlikely to fall out of favour anytime soon, the challenge for us now is how we can inspire learners to fully invest themselves in online learning. How do we increase learners’ engagement and learning retention, while reducing learner isolation and dropout? Join our expert panel as they share their insights and experience in raising the bar on learners’ engagement in the pursuit of better learning outcomes for all.


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About the Panelists and Moderator

Dr Bi Xiaofang

Senior Researcher, Institute for Adult Learning

Xiaofang has years of experience in conducting both qualitative and quantitative educational research. She was involved in a number of research projects in NIE specialising on classroom interaction, pedagogy and professional development. Her main research interests cover pedagogy, professional development, adult education, skills development and workplace learning. Xiaofang is currently researching CET learners’ sense-making to inform pedagogical innovations in blended learning and critical core skills development in Singaporean workforce.

Dr Daniel Seah

Law lecturer, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Daniel is a law teacher with an expertise in adult learning. He has trained over 350 adult learners who work in charities and Institutions of a Public Character in Singapore. Daniel is the recipient of the SUSS Teaching Excellence Award (2020). Daniel serves as an invited member of the University’s working committees on developing a distinct theory-practice link in the curriculum design, and in the implementation of immersive technologies (Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality) into SUSS courses. His research areas cover digital misinformation, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain.

Mr Pambudi Sunarsihanto

Human Resources Director, Blue Bird Group

Pambudi has a demonstrated track record in leading the HR function and business transformation in Telecommunication, Consulting, Banking, Consumer Goods and Transportation. He is the author of “Lead the Innovation Game”, “Lead Differently” and “Think Different, Act Differently”.

He lived in 7 countries, and when he came back to Indonesia, he held the role of HR Director in Citibank, Telkomsel, Danone Aqua and now in Bluebird Group.

Interestingly, he is also a magician and mentalist.

Dr Parveen Sandhu

Learning Specialist, Surge Consulting

Parveen specialises in creating purposeful engagement and transformational learning. Using human-centred learning informed by neuroscience and positive psychology, she builds inclusive learning spaces where people feel safe enough to connect, collaborate, challenge and thrive. She has vast experience in designing, facilitating and workplace-learning, providing just-in-time, bite-sized, and technology-enabled learning solutions.