InnovPLUS June 2020

The InnovPLUS Grant is a competitive learning innovation grant challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes. The InnovPLUS is organised by iN.LAB of the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), and is run twice a year.
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Challenge Teams and Challenge Statements

 Challenge Owner
 Solution Partner
 Challenge Statement
Affle International
We are a training and consultancy firm seeking a learning solution to train critical incident response amongst critical key stakeholder in organisations.
Global Training Services Playware Studios
We are an educational academy in the Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector seeking a learning solution that can reproduce real-life experience for learners to have closest-to-reality representation of their actual work environment for them to practice the specialized skills safely, despite constraints such as space, classroom-based, cost and pre-prepared conditions.
Growth Mindset Bootstrap
We are an adult education provider in the healthcare sector seeking a learning solution that equips hospital-based healthcare professionals with post-hospitalisation homecare practices that delivers personalised advise to patients and their caregivers, while elevating home caregivers’ competencies so as to reduce patient readmission rates. The aspiration is to achieve a gold standard of home care for post-hospitalisation patients in Singapore.
CT04 Parkway College of Nursing & Allied Health Playware Studios
We are a healthcare institution, part of a Corporation that operates a chain of hospitals and clinics in Singapore and overseas. We seek a learning solution to improve the ease of access, understanding and application of the Service Transaction Maps (STMs), to enhance operational effectiveness and customer experience, and to measure the effectiveness of the implemented tools.
Singapore General Hospital
1. Serious Games Asia
2. Microtube Technologies
We are a public hospital seeking a learning solution to enhance the skills training and competency assessment of nurses. We envisage that the solution would enhance the recreating and repeating of clinical techniques with realistic touch sensations, such as haptic feedback, in a safe simulated virtual environment.
CT06 Singhealth Polyclinics Visionaryschoolmen
We are a healthcare institution seeking a learning solution that supports the training of primary healthcare professionals in timely administration of rescue therapy to patients who present with acute asthma or COPD exacerbations at primary care clinics. The current training requires extensive manpower yet has several limitations. The objective is for frontline healthcare professionals to successfully assess and initiate the appropriate rescue therapies to patients across all ages based on simulated auscultation findings.
CT07 SMRT Trains Mages Studio
We are a public transport operator in Singapore seeking a learning solution that can provide realistic training for rescue team members to conduct emergency lift rescue. Lift rescue is time-sensitive and safety critical for the people trapped inside, and it is also a risky operation.
National University of Singapore
1. Serious Games Asia
2. FXMedia Internet
We are an autonomous university seeking a realistic and authentic learning solution to augment traditional modes of lesson delivery, in subjects such as Biology, Psychology and STEM, as lectures and hard-copy textbooks have limited reach in enhancing self-efficacy and motivation amongst students and adult learners.
CT09 Tourmasters
1. Playware Studios
2. Acuizen Technologies
We are a service provider in the travel and hospitality sector seeking a learning solution that would equip frontline service staff in tourism, airline and hospitality industries with skills in handling and managing crisis situations.