InnovPLUS June 2019

Congratulations to the 4 Challenge Teams winning the InnovPLUS Flame Grant worth up to $200,000 each


The InnovPLUS Grant is a competitive learning innovation grant challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable protoype that advances CET practice and outcomes. The InnovPLUS is organised by iN.LAB of the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), and is run twice a year.




The Winning Challenge Teams are:



Challenge Owner

Solution Partner(s)

Challenge Statement


Lithan Academy Pte Ltd

Sambaash Pte Ltd

The team is seeking to develop a learning solution that provides real time recommendations to learning facilitators, managers and designers on plugging learning performance gaps. The current system, while digital through an LMS, presents descriptive data, with limited analysis. The performance/design remedial intervention is manual, ie individual trainer to individual learner, which is too labour intensive given the projected escalation in learner intake numbers in the near future.


Citrix Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

Noodle Factory Pte Ltd

The team is seeking to develop a learning solution that supports partner account managers in developing their own individual work, performance and development plans, which may be highly contextualised to their business partners, distributors and clients. Too often than not, account managers perform below optimal levels due to poorly developed plans, that may be attributed to various factors. The effectiveness of training programmes in planning skills are usually short-lived post-course, and do not provide the highly personalised coaching, feedback and mentoring that is required. Supervisors and mentors also usually do not have sufficient time to meet the developmental opportunities of their staff/mentees as and when they are presented.


ITE East Campus School of Business

VM Education Pte Ltd

The team is seeking to develop a learning solution to automate the review process of role-playing activities in an unbiased and efficient way. The current process of assessment is manual and may be subject to some form of human biases and uneven standards due to assessor fatigue (from viewing of video playback or on the spot assessment). The feedback may not be organised and accessed in an optimal way so as to improve the performance of the role play participant.


Sengkang General Hospital

Playware Studios Pte Ltd

The team is seeking to develop a learning solution to train employees in personal and team effectiveness competencies such communication, mindfulness, patient safety, leadership, situation monitoring, etc. We envisage the solution to be able to personalise the content and assessment to the individual, measure performance to individual and team indicators, collect survey from individual and assessable via mobile devices.