InnovPLUS Challenge Statements and Challenge Teams

April 2016

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 Wong Fong  Academy Pte Ltd
 1. Play2Lead Pte  Ltd
 2. EON Reality Pte  Ltd
 Content relating to Workplace Safety and Health are taught using traditional classroom training method.  Content relating to Workplace Safety and Health require learners to develop a mind set for safety. This is  best achieved through an authentic environment, like at the workplace. However this is not possible  without exposing learners to risks. For instance, a dangerous environment cannot be created for a  learner to understand the importance of safety when working at heights.
 Bootstrap Pte Ltd
 1.Playware Studios  Pte Ltd
 2.Three Learning  Pte Ltd

 Parallel with IE Singapore’s vision of empowering local enterprises to spread their wings into foreign  markets, Our company is an academy that envisions itself to be the center of excellence that provides  leading-edge skills development solutions to retailers, for them to level up and triumph in Asian markets.

 Through innovation in integrated skills development solutions, we aim to enhance workforce  competitiveness, productivity and business performance for Singapore-based retail companies with  offices in Asian cities. We sought to not only explore front-line insights that stretch retail boundaries, but  also, to deliver them through innovative platforms by leveraging on mobile technology, practical coaching  and formal learning to best facilitate the transfer of learning into practice that delivers business results.


 Face-to-face classroom learning with the following challenges:

 • Costs of trainer, training material and venue

 • Availability of manpower to attend training during trading hours

 • Costs of learners’ payroll and opportunity cost of making sales commission

 • Inconsistency in delivery

 • Different learning styles

 • Lack of leaners’ engagement

 • Lack of scalability across regions


 Online learning, currently at its infancy stage:

 • Mainly videos and online quizzes

 • May not provide instant feedback

 • Low leaners’ engagement

 • Requires learners to have access to desk- or laptop.  Not available on mobile devices.

 • Does not track or lead to progression in learning

 CT-03  ZALORA SEA Pte  Ltd
 Parenthesis Pte Ltd

 Our company is a young e-commerce company, present in 9 countries. The company has expanded  rapidly in a short span of time and has not been able to concentrate on L&D till recently. This year, the  company is moving towards developing an L&D programme for its employees, on an extremely limited  budget.

 Some internal training programmes have been organized to provide development opportunities to  employees. Internal trainers teach their area of specification to selected employees. List of Massive  Open Online Courses are provided to Employees. Some e-learning modules are created in-house for  selected employees.


 • High Cost of External Trainers

 • Internal Trainers only able to cater to select group of employees, during office hours

 • Generating quality content, which can be disseminated consistently across various locations


 Salad Stop Pte Ltd
 1.Flame Centre
 Our challenge is to get our work force out of the operation and into the office for training. What is  absorbed in classroom training is easily forgotten during the hectic workday and repetition is key.  Language barrier is another barrier for successful learning. As we continue our international expansion,  we face challenges in translating  our training materials We also face a continuous challenge of updating  our training materials and especially videos.
 Unable to gather enough staff in the classroom for training. The outlet managers find it difficult to release  the man-power for 2 days of training. We do not want to give training material to our staff as some  information is confidential and to ensure that the material is not copied – protecting company IP.  Alternatively we give the outlet manager our e-learning videos on I pads for the team to study while on  break. Our challenge for this is that the information needs to be continuously updated (change of  products, recipes etc) Finally we also need to support our franchise partners with a strong training  platform that not only need to be adapted to their local market but also translated.
 Staff gives out wrong information to the customer and serving customers differently from one outlet to  another (i.e. more ingredients or larger portions). Staff wasting time going to see the managers if they do  not know the answer which interfers with efficient service. Training is difficult across borders and we are  unable to guarantee the same consistency across markets. It is specifically hard in cases of onboarding  lots of new staff to ensure a baseline core competency to serve customers according to our brand  standard. Then beyond the baseline to ensure that there is ongoing skills development personalized to  the individual. Individualized modules for each position would be required.
 Nava 1872 Pte Ltd
 Rockmoon Pte Ltd
 How to ensure better delivery of training to staff, ensure knowledge retention and ROI Tracking Training  and Development of Retail Service Staff. We are a retail focused organization with our own shops around  Singapore and the region. Our Training method is very traditional, done with print out manuals. It is hard  to calculate the ROI on training. We want the solution to be online, mobile and scalable.
 1. I-O Resources  Private Limited
 2. Gnowbe Inc.
 The company is in-charge of a diverse range of marine equipment onboard marine vessel. These include  Inert gas systems, boilers, compressors, PV Valves, sensors. Some of these equipment are not  commonly covered in marine academies because they are highly sophisticated.The company has  embarked on a series of training re-organisation. Creating videos on how to repair certain ship-board  equipment, sharing sessions by senior engineers and documentation of the processes via LMS.  However, it still takes 8 months for a new engineer to be proficient.
 The challenge is to help the company incorporate an effective system to codify, capture and store both  explicit knowledge and tacit skills with regards to the engineering of these equipment. Explicit knowledge  like operation manuals, service logs, certificates need to be organised on a single platform to allow the  engineers and ship crew to be able to access them at the right place and at the right time. Thereafter  methodologies and trainings are needed to transfer the tacit part of knowledge.
 Wing Tai Retail  Management Pte  Ltd
 1. Play2Lead Pte  Ltd
 2. EON Reality Pte  Ltd
 The company is Singapore’s leading fashion and lifestyle company, with about 14 key brands and 125  outlets in Singapore. The Problem of labour crunch causes deteriorating service standard. Fatigue,  young yet less committed staff are not interested in attending service related training programmes to  equip themselves with the skills of delivering excellent customer service.