InnovPLUS Challenge Statements and Challenge Teams

May 2017

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 Singapore Institute  of Technology (SIT)
 Bootstrap Pte Ltd
 We are a tertiary education institution in Singapore, with a goal of producing work-ready graduates. We  organise classroom-based soft skills/professional skills development workshops. However, the tight  academic timeline of our overseas universities degree programmes leave insufficient time for students to  go for such programs. While we envision for the content of these workshops to continue being useful to  our alumni in their working lives, the current classroom-based mode of delivery does not provide such  learning opportunities for our working graduates .
 Designlab  Innovation Pte Ltd
 Seasoned trainers are engaged as facilitators in the program to share key tenets of entrepreneurship  with their students. These trainers have little engagement opportunities with their students outside the  classroom, and for the students, little motivation, if any, to constantly engage their trainers.  The  challenge is then to motivate both trainers and students to stay engaged and continue the learning  beyond the 4 walls.
 CT-03  A+B Edu Tours and  Travel Pte Ltd
 Biipmi Pte Ltd
 The company's tourist guides develop new knowledge as attraction information and pedagogical  approaches and methodologies are updated continually.  Such new knowledge could also help them  impart contextual memories to tourists. 
 In fact, the entire tourism ecosystem extends far beyond tourist guides, and encompasses agencies,  hotels, attraction owners and even members of the public.
 The challenge is not being able to effectively and efficiently collect dynamic, moderated information and  convert it into valuable learning opportunities for the guides.
 Mastereign  Enrichment Pte Ltd
 Biipmi Pte Ltd
 The Company’s instructors create new knowledge whenever they conduct their programmes. Such  knowledge is tacit and mainly resides with the  instructors, a significant number who are associate  instructors. Important tacit knowledge is therefore not effectively and efficiently captured within the  corporate knowledge base, and cannot be tapped on by newly recruited instructors. Bringing these new  instructors up to the requisite standards often take a long time because they can only experience and  build on their own knowledge when they themselves are conducting the programmes.
 The Resource  Group (Singapore)  Pte Ltd
 Biipmi Pte Ltd

 The failure rate of the mandatory Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI) programme is very high,  and there is practically no alternative prospective employment agents (EAs) can access to update their  knowledge other than the appointed training centres. Moreover, much of the training conducted is  didactic, and might not cater to the broad learning needs of the prospective EAs.


 Leacov Singapore  Pte Ltd
 ELDO Consulting  Pte Ltd

 In the security services industry, realistic training is critical in areas such as identifying and managing  bomb threats and counter-terrorist activities. Without a realistic training environment, trainees may not be  prepared in the event of a real incident on how they should carry out their roles and responsibilities.

 As we move into blended learning, how can we enhance learning to make it more meaningful and real  and ensure that it is “internalised” so that what is learnt will be effectively carried out at the workplace?


 VG Link Pte Ltd
 ARzap Studio Pte  Ltd
 Currently the training and knowledge acquisition that is happening in the company is up to staff’s  resourcefulness in extracting knowledge content from the internet. This approach is risky as relevance  and validity is hard to verify. Skills and knowledge acquired is also not easily passed on to new staff. The  challenge is to develop a learning tool that aid the staff to access useful real-time information and a  pipeline to pass our knowledge and experience to the next generation of staff.