InnovPLUS Challenge Statements and Challenge Teams

November 2016

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 AGB Education  Centre Pte Ltd
 Revelations  Production Ptd Ltd
 Career Exploration Company flagship product is a ground-breaking programme which melds core  employability skills with industry specific job based skills to enable a participant to be fully aware of their  career direction, then embark on a journey to acquire the target industry skills before finally being placed  in a job. This holistic pathway is unlike any other offered in the market and equips learners with generic  employability skills while also arming them with core industry relevant skills. The programme comprises  three key components: Core Employability Training, Career Exploration and Industry Skills training  blended within a 2 month timeframe so that graduates get the most holistic training pathway leading them  from post to post while acquiring new skills and knowledge.
 Career Exploration Programme a.k.a. “CEP” is a highly-personalised training cum career exploration  programme pioneered by AGB Education Centre for the employability training market.The founders of  the company have identified a gap – career exploration is unable to be fully fleshed in the classroom and  actual physical excursions to industry sites in lieu of exploration is too time consuming and does not offer  a solution in terms of participants in the same classroom having differing career choices. At the same  time, Organizations may not be that ready to offer their open doors for industry visits and familiarization  activities on a regular basis. This area should be addressed to enhance the overall learning experience  and value for both the trainer and trainee.
 As being part of the training curriculum, the career  exploration programme poses a challenge to the  various  stakeholders involved:
 • Trainer – They find it difficult to deliver industry specific employability training due to the fact that  trainees are unaware of their career direction and the industry they wish to explore a career in.
 • Trainee – They find it impossible to decide on a career direction in the classroom even with the most  rigorous profiling tools and may require actual experiential exposure to decide which career really suits  them.
 • Career Exploration Company – They find that it is inefficient and unproductive to bring trainees out on  an excursion to all different industries as this is both time consuming and each excursion will only cater to  those who are interested in the industry, hence making the time and resources spent not justified. At the  same time it is recognized that trainees do indeed need exposure to the different industries so as to get a  better understanding of them and thereby decide their overall career direction.
 1. 33  Technologies  Pte  Ltd (Known as  33  DIGITAL)
 2. Arzap
 There is a lack of a seamless flow from registration of trainees to documenting and tracking their learning  experience as well as a severe lack of retention of skills and knowledge acquired during training caused  by a multitude of reasons as stated below:
 • Lack of Real World Training Scenarios 
 • Lack of Retention of Skills and Knowledge Acquired 
 • Psychological Learning Needs of Trainees Are Not Met 
 • Consideration of Profiles and Learning Styles of Trainees Are Not Taken Into Consideration 
 • Decreasing Attention Spans of Trainees 
 • Outdated Classroom F-2-F Mode of Training & Engaging Learners
 CT-03  BLTC
 LDR Technologies  Pte Ltd

 Currently, the organization conducts its teaching in the classroom with pure face-to-face interaction  between the trainers and the students to pick up languages. However, the organization strongly believes  that learning of language can be extended beyond the classroom by transforming its content onto the  mobile platform. This will enable the organisation to innovate its learning approach with location-based  technology. Through mobile technology, the organisation will also be able to achieve a greater outreach  on m-learning platform.


 Coleads Business  Consultants Pte Ltd
 1. FP Consultants  International Pte Ltd
 2. Coursepad Pte  Ltd
 3. Sproutlearn Pte  Ltd
 As a professional service firm, we operate a lean manpower resource team and experienced frequent  staff turnover which is normal in our sector. When we recruit new or replacement staff, we face time and  manpower constraints to provide them with updated and adequate training (that will take at least 6 to 12  months) so that they are able to perform effectively and efficiently within a short span of time to achieve  the business outcome we desire. In addition, as a professional service provider, all our work deliverables  must comply with the respective legislation. We deal with many legislations concurrently, hence keeping  up with all the changes and disseminating them to staff promptly poses great challenge for us. Hence, we  face non-compliance and professional negligence litigation risks if our work deliverables are not  compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.
 The Flame Centre  Pte Ltd
 Playware Studios  Pte Ltd
 Many instructional designers wrestle with determining constructive alignment for their courseware. They  spend time crafting targeted learning objectives, curating relevant content, identifying suitable delivery  frameworks (e.g., blended, elearning, games and virtual reality), instructional and pedagogical methods  and finally determining the correct assessment methods. Constructive alignment is determined if all the  above are strongly supportive and linked to one another. This process is time consuming.
 On the other hand, the courseware audit process is manual, time consuming and resource-intensive  amongst other challenges to ensure quality of courseware. Therefore we need “Watson – equivalent” in  the L&D field – a system that has curated courseware content and algorithm for courseware development  and assessment to create an output that assesses courseware quality and gives recommendation for  courseware improvement.
 MAGES Institute of  Excellence Pte Ltd
 1. Coursepad Pte  Ltd
 2. Sproutlearn Pte  Ltd
 There is always a trend of growing content related to the topics we teach and the areas covered, we are  looking for a medium where we can aggregate relevant and most updated content that we feel is most  suitable, and create a learning path with bite-sized learning chunks for our candidates that we feel is the  best suited for his / her success. Also learners become more informed, and have more control over  when, where and how they access information in their day-to-day lives.
 We are on the look-out for true learner centred tool which is simple and efficient for engaging today’s  learners that provide high retention through its ingenuity. We are looking to use such a tool / platform /  technology to build a revenue model around it and develop a new learning content delivery medium to  deliver our courses innovatively.
 Prince’s Landscape  and Construction  Pte Ltd
 RetailAsia Academy  Pte Ltd
 How can my company leverage on mobile technology to make learning On-The-Job (OJT) bite size,    enjoyable, manageable and accessible to all.
 My company desires to promote workplace work-based learning to the staff, inculcating the concept that    learning should happen all the time within the work environment, not just in the classroom. However,    creating and delivering OJT contents over many widely spaced worksites is a significant challenge to the  implementation of the OJT. This solution should not hinder the current work processes and yet plays an    important role in the daily work activity.
 SMER Pte Ltd
 AcuiZen  Technologies  Singapore Pte Ltd
 It is a constant challenge to assess suitability of employees for job vacancies as most job applicants will  only list their paper qualification and work experience which might not directly linked to their paper  qualification.
 Many PMETs think that obtaining paper qualifications is their ticket to a good job. For employers, actual  skills and knowledge to deliver the work is more important than paper qualification and non-relevant work  experience. Such capability to deliver goes beyond paper qualification into how the candidates retain,  apply and continue to learn after obtaining that paper qualification.
 As such, we need a mechanism to help learners effectively deploy acquired skills and knowledge on a  “near real-time” basis and also to track, reward and recognize their on-going lifelong learning journey  beyond the classroom. Currently, we seem to hire based on paper qualification as there is no other  means to assess a candidate before actual employment take place.