InnovPLUS Challenge Statements and Challenge Teams

November 2017

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 AGB Education  Centre Pte Ltd
 Biipmi Pte Ltd
 PMEs currently do not have a platform to consolidate  and document their own individualised wealth of  experience, in a language codified by competencies  and competency mapping. Without this baseline,  skills  and expertise growth and development is limited. The  networking of 'guru' PMEs in expertise  areas for mutual  social learning could also be well facilitated by such a  platform. The system, if  implemented successfully, will  enable effective and efficient codification of  competencies found  amongst  the PMEs, such that these  competencies can be documented and mapped into  various  competency  maps. This will enhance the  transfer of specific skillsets and promote mastery of  competencies.
 C F Fusion Pte Ltd
 The Clarity! Works  Pte Ltd
 Current candidates are only selected on the basis of  academic qualifications. There is a need within the  industry to maintain high ethical standards, and  mechanism to facilitate selection. The existing system is  completely manual and significantly subjective in  nature. The challenge in the first instance is the  selection of a suitable tool. The majority of tools  available in the market are all of the “self-reporting”  type, which is open to manipulation. Thus, the  opportunity for a test that is hard to “spoof”, and that  provides an objective outcome would be very useful in  screening the large number of candidates that  are  considered. In addition to the sorting of the candidates  into 3 groups: “Select” and “Do NOT Select”  and  “Undecided” (from the employer point of view), the  system will provide development for the  “Undecided”  category through the delivery of targeted lessons from  suitable Ethics and Compliance  content. 
 CT-03  The CrowdHub  Group Pte Ltd
 Gametize Pte Ltd
 The project to develop a gamified learning journey for  Investors and Raisers on CHG’s crowdfunding  platforms  will offer a unique experience in the crowdfunding  world. Investors will progress through the  onboarding  process to build and test a model portfolio, which will  become the basis for them to integrate  their  investments on multiple CHG platforms (as they join)  into their personal PORTFOLIOBUILDER.  This will enable  them to see clearly their current and model portfolio  positions. The unique approach will  give them a tool to  understand how our investment opportunities fit into  their portfolio, as well as to be  able to use the  platforms effectively. Raisers will be guided through  raise preparation, management and  follow-up, to  ensure a smooth and effective process, with data  captured at every stage to reduce the  need to re-enter  information. The value this adds is in streamlining the  process and enhancing the  ability of Raisers to present  themselves to Investors in a form that will better meet  the information needs  of Investors, making investment  decisions easier and more rational. By aligning Raiser  and Investor  interests and expectations, this project will  help reduce miscommunication and enable Raisers to  tell  their story in a way that Investors will more easily  understand, resulting in fewer blocks to investment  and greater speed of decision-making. Employees will go  through a modified version of the same  process,  as part  of their onboarding, to ensure they understand the  needs and expectations of both  Investors and  Raisers  from an early stage in their career with CHG. Again, this  will reduce the  information gap, as well  as making them  more able to operate effectively and with reduced  stress, due  to improved knowledge  and understanding.  This module could be especially useful to third parties,  since it is essentially a  process for taking information  central to operations and client engagement, and  presenting it in an  engaging manner for new hires. A  version suitable for external partners will be  developed  at a later  stage.
 DioPACT Pte Ltd
 1. Surge Consulting  Pte Ltd
 2. NOJ Pte Ltd
 3. Pixibit Pte Ltd
 As the Singapore representative to Udemy, the course  provider with more than 2200 courses on  SkillsFuture  portal, DioPACT is exploring how to better engage the  150,000 Singapore learners on  Udemy to facilitate  online learning more effectively, especially in terms of  course completion and  application to work. What will  make Singapore learners deepen their learning,  complete the courses and  apply their learning to work?  These are difficult but important challenges to resolve. 
 Global Training  Services Pte Ltd
 1. Test System  Integration Pte Ltd
 2. Advance Visual  Solution Pte Ltd
 3. Spectral Reality  Pte Ltd
 Creating a life-like learning experience that will allow  the learner to see & hear, thus, experiencing and  retaining more information at a higher pace.
 Grape Media Inc.  (A Member of  Walletton  Holdings)
 1. Osmosis Learn  Pte  Ltd
 2.Excelsoft  Technologies Pte  Ltd
 Current practice for each organization is to appoint a  Work Life ambassador who at times may have left  the  organisation before the completion of the Work Life  Programme ends in 6 to 9 months. When this  happens,  there is a gap in terms of learning and coaching as not  all communication is passed on to the  successor. The  SME bosses or administrative personnel who double up  as HR might not have a good  understanding policies  and / practices in Human Capital Development. With  heavy workload, they tend  to overlook the requirements  to complete such as managing documents, deadlines  and milestones,  necessary for the successful  implementation of the Work Life Programme. A  platform tool that provides  tech-enabled performance  support and coaching component will encourage more  organisations to  comply with the requirements to  benefit from flexible work arrangement. We are looking  for this tool to  support SMEs so they can benefit  employees in accordance with MOM’s vision of boosting  adoption of  Work Life Balance practices in Singapore.
 Henderson  Security Services  Pte Ltd
 1. Ascendo  Consulting Pte Ltd
 2. Robust Tech  House
 Dissemination of information and training is done via  whatsapp or face-to-face training (classroom and  on-  site), based on SOPs or training materials printed on  paper. Security Officers who are on leave or  off-duty  may receive truncated information as it is not viable for  trainer or Operations Executive or  Manager to make  return visit for one person. Officers are also not able to  receive information real time  as trainers require time to  visit the sites. The time used to transmit information is  thus lengthened and  different for each individual site.  New officers induction and SOP training is tedious and  costly as it is  done face-to-face.
 Challenges: Transfer of  learning from classroom/elearning training is uncertain.  Security industry mainly  comprises of mature-aged  workers (>65% are above 40years old). They often  have learning and  “exam”  fears and may experience  difficulty in retaining essential information learnt  which  can hinder  their  workplace productivity. Current  learning modes e.g. classroom, site training,  elearning  etc. are  distinct  activities from actual work tasks.  Learners may not transfer learning  effectively  to work  tasks,  even if  elearning/face to face training is  performed on site. Existing platforms  such as  micro  learning  apps or  LMS are generic and not related to  security workflow. Many are too  complex for  the target  learners to  use. The challenge team is not aware of any  existing platform that  integrate learning and  work tasks.
 KB Associates  Group of  Companies
 AcuiZen  Technologies  Singapore Pte. Ltd.
 KBA is an organization that undertakes multiple  activities in the Marine Sector. This includes provision  of WSQ and other training in a wide range of areas.  KBA also facilitates the employment of personnel  trained in its facilities by contracting with a large  number of employers in the sector. KBA is frequently  contracted by its customers to supply competent  manpower. The requirements of such manpower are  not always “black & white” and requires interpretation  by KBA. This requires KBA to evaluate the  potential  applicants in KBA database for their existing knowledge  and skills together with their work  experience and  identify gaps in their competencies. KBA also offers  recommendations on specific  knowledge interventions  including training that may be used to fulfil  requirements and in many cases  also conducts such  training. The process to match such knowledge, skills  and experience is a very  manual process and apart from  the administrative work, is not a very efficient process.  Frequently  “suitable” experienced candidates may not  get to the next stage because there was no mechanism  for  the candidate to express his / her experiences and  match it to a corresponding “customer requirement”.  i.e. – alternate mechanisms to demonstrate competency  is not recognized. At the same time, there are  many instances where “unsuitable” candidates are taken  forward to the next stage because of their “paper” qualifications but the lack of actual “experience” is not  accurately evaluated in a manual system.
 NTUC Learning  Hub
 1. Biipmi Pte Ltd
 2. Dioworks Pte Ltd
 There is significant wastage both in terms of learners'  time spent on courses and subsidies provided by  the  government when learners enrol in courses which are  not suitable for them. Part of the reason has  to do with the lack of tools to assess learner suitability for the  course based on learner profiles and  ability. Compounding the issue is that learners are not sure  what kind of course they need to take to be  ready to  upgrade or move to a new industry. Their lack of  awareness stems from not fully understanding  the  jobs on offer and what employers expect from the potential  recruits. Finally, the same issue of a lack  of  suitable  learner profiling results in ineffective learning since the  courses are not personalised for  them.  Learners take  courses without fully understanding the environment  nor their own capability,  resulting in wastage of  resources and time. Learners are also frustrated when  they cannot cope with the  training or when the training  is too simple for them.
 X’prienz Pte Ltd
 Dioworks Learning  Pte Ltd

 The Basic Food Hygiene Course is a mandatory course  for food handlers working in the F & B industry.  Despite  the participants completing the class before they are allowed to commence work, there are still  regular occurrences of hygiene lapses.

 We believe that this is due to the following:

 1. Insufficient post course support given to the  participants

 2. The constraints of time inhibits the participants from  updating themselves with new Knowledge

 We had observed that participants have poor  knowledge retention and lack sufficient tools to gain  updates on new hygiene practices & regulations As the  F & B is a labour intensive industry, the F&B  workforce  generally do not have the time to re-attend the course  due to their establishment’s operation  needs. Thus, a  mobile learning platform will be useful to allow the  flexibility to learn continuously whilst  being out of the  classroom and without disrupting the F&B operations.
 Tan Tock Seng  Hospital
 Visionaryschoolmen  Pte. Ltd.
 Tan Tock Seng Hospital has developed a framework by  which their staff are encouraged to follow when  engaging each other and with the patients. This  framework employs 6 engagement tools, models  created by TTSH which guides their staff in  engagement best practices. The models are taught in a  2  day in-class programme. Presently, there is no digital  applications utilised to teach these engagement  tools. The challenge is that the Programme is not able to  address, Post-Programme follow-thru +  application,  Measurement of Impact and Return on Investment of  Programme, Strain on current staff  with existing and  high Business As Usual commitments, Strain on volunteer staff who were roped into  the Programme as  additional facilitators, Real application of Programme Tools to transform the culture  of hospital.
 Ten & Han  Trading  Pte Ltd (Old Chang  Kee)
 LogicMills Learning  Centre Pte Ltd
 Our company employs a substantial number of older  workers. Older workers often forget procedures.  They lack confidence. They have diminished mental acuity. They have health problems associated with  aging and often find it difficult to engage new situations and  accept change.The challenge is that there  are few adult learning tools and programmes that take into account  that the workers need help in dialect  and also most training programmes target those entering the  workforce, not those at the end of their  careers.