2021 Run 2

innovPlus is a competitive learning innovation challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes.
innovPlus November 2021 Challenge is now open.

innovPlus November 2021 Challenge Statements


Solutionists who are interested to pitch your solution to any of the challenge statement, please download the Expression of Interest (EOI) Form HERE, and submit your entry to us by 07 September 2021.



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We are looking for a Solution Partner who is willing to understand our learner’s profile, technically well-versed especially in mobile learning systems and technology-based training solution.

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#02 MunCHKins We are looking for a Solution Partner to develop a learning solution to train the embryologist in perform Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) clinically.

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#03 Crystal Springs 

We are looking for an automated pre-screening solution that will enable us to better train our medical concierge service staff. Such a solution will ideally allow us to recruit service staff from a wider pool of PMETs. 

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#04 ABC 

We are looking for a learning solution that allows medical education to be delivered via an engaging, self-paced, adaptive and easily accessible platform, allowing learners to acquire a new set of clinical skills in using dermoscopy (skin surface microscopy) to detect skin cancer by simulating the experience of examining the skin and training the learner to detect suspicious features.

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We are looking for an immersive learning solution that would enable our patients to learn effectively in both virtual (teleconsultation / telecounselling) and live (in-clinic) settings, where subject matter experts (nurses and/ or doctors) engage patients as learners. 

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#06 CoachMe 

We are looking for a solution that can enable educators and students (as coachees) better prepare and engage in coaching conversations.

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#07 19-Gale Services Ltd

We are looking for a solution that help in the prediction of the improvement or prevention in a lack of learning. The solution should also influence people’s awareness of a situation or problem and their willingness to change, learn and adapt.

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