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Real innovation starts when we identify current work performance limitations, when we illuminate today’s learning challenges so that we can work to develop creative solutions. Start your journey towards a brighter future in learning, with the innovPlus Challenge!
Training organisations and enterprises will choose from a pool of prospective learning and development solution partners to co-create and co-develop innovative solutions.
innovPlus is a competitive learning innovation challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes.
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The Mindful Company

We are an art and craft lessons and brain development training company which now focuses on Mindfulness Training.

We are looking for a solution that will equip volunteers, staff, and parents of a charitable organisation with mindfulness skills to enable them to infuse mindfulness practices in their coaching sessions and consequently help to improve the academic performance and mental wellness of their students. The learning solution should help the learner to be more self-directed in the application of mindfulness which would result in changes in attitude, habits and behaviour.

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We are one of the world’s largest air and travel services providers.

We are looking for a learning solution that will complement the existing training framework for our Customer Service staff. The solution will provide opportunity for learners to experience every possible scenario raised and highlighted.

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We are a social enterprise and online blockchain academia.

We are looking for a learning solution that will accelerate our capability in implementing the heutagogy instructional strategy which allows learners within the Financial Services & ICT industries to embark on self-determined learning. 

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We provide multidisciplinary dental services and is also a teaching institution.

We are looking for a cost-effective learning solution that is able to simulate real-life insertion of miniscrew implants in varying dental anatomy, allowing repeated practice and assessment to level the learning curve for all dentists.

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We are a healthcare institution where various lifesaving medical procedures requires specialised staff trained in a radiographic modality to operate and assist physicians.

We are looking for a solution to train radiographers in a safe and controlled manner to improve the quality of the training as well as the mental safety of the trainee. 

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We are an early childhood training organisation which delivers courses for early childhood educators.

We are looking for a solution to provide trainers with relevant and timely data that can be used to improve the quality of delivery and engagement in their teaching.

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We are the professional organisation representing pharmacists in Singapore.

We are seeking a digital solution to build a structured and comprehensive learning solution for hands-on training, practice, and assessment of aseptic compounding techniques to complement our Aseptic Compounding Course.

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We are a medical training institute that specialises in using simulation modality to enhance skills and competency in healthcare professionals.

We hope to have a solution that has the ability to extrapolate game records from different platforms in a more coordinated and efficient way, so that the trainers can do a cross-games analysis of individuals’ progress, identifying learning gaps and allowing customization of training programmes that best suits the individual learners.

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Sustainability Training Corporation

We offer training program designed to help real estate professionals better navigate the different certifications systems.

We are seeking to create an automated way to quantify the background knowledge of our learners, fine tune education content to their need and develop ways to reward them for meeting learning objectives and applying them in practice in ESG, sustainability and carbon footprint.

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