JUNE 2021

innovPlus is a competitive learning innovation challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes. innovPlus JUNE 2021 Challenge is now open.

innovPlus June 2021 Challenge Statements


Solutionists who are interested to pitch your solution to any of the challenge statement, please download the Expression of Interest (EOI) Form here, and submit your entry to us by 31 March 2021. 



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Challenge Statement (CS) Synopsis

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We are an emergency department in a tertiary hospital seeking a learning solution to enhance the experiential learning of Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) training course that is applicable in both outdoor and indoor environments.

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#02 We save lives LLC

We are a health and security services firm that focuses on helping organisations and their people reduce exposure to, and mitigate, health, wellbeing and security risks. 

We are seeking a learning solution that allow our employees experience real life crisis situations which would help them learn how to protect themselves in all types of crises; be it a fire outbreak, industrial disaster, pandemic outbreak, a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, which would be critical in our drive towards building workforce resilience and business continuity and sustainability.

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#03 Sustainable Innovation Corp

We are a Sustainable Innovation Corp provides insights into change management related to integrating environmental sustainability into businesses.

The solution that we are looking for is a collection of insights from ground research and a blended-learning implementation of imparting sustainability skills in different companies with a high potential of sustainable impact (specifically those that can make a positive change in tackling carbon emissions, pollution, and resource depletion in Singapore and the region).

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#04 Education Provider

We are a provider of post-secondary training for working adults and school leavers. Organisation delivers training on employability skills in various trades and industry. 

We are seeking a learning solution that effectively engages learners in virtual classrooms. Virtual classrooms have currently created a challenge for subject matter experts to maintain a one-to-one engagement with learners, assess skillset and identify learners who require additional guidance

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#05 TAMS

We are a public hospital in Singapore that provides affordable specialist care for patients, training for doctors and other healthcare professionals, and conducts research to bring better care to its patients.

We are seeking a learning solution that leverage on current technology to allow greater interactive and immersive experiences to further improve the appreciation of anatomy and the effects of ‘surgery’. 

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#06 SOA

We are the accredited Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider for both the Opticians and the Optometrists professionals. We are seeking a learning solution that is able to integrate differentiated-learning deliverables based on skills level and learner’s preference with learning outcomes that can be demonstrated and traced in the diagnosis, treatment, education of eye care in Singapore. 

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